crificed it, the ancient essence hidden in the bone hammer suddenly burst out. However, another majestic figure appeared behind the giant bear, with a dragon head and body and four arms. , also raised the phantom of a sledgehammer, and smashed it down with him!

That is the spirit of the great sage of the demon clan hidden in the bone hammer, and it is inspired by him!
The Great Sage Immortal Armament made from the spine and the demon shield made from the dragon scales were all to cover up this strike and prepare for this strike to kill Xu Ying!
Under the hammer head, the demonic power condensed and crushed the space. Before it could fall on Xu Ying, countless fragments of the space were crushed out and flew everywhere!
This is exactly how the nine realms are arranged in the human body.
The nine realms of the human body are connected by the thirty-three heavens and the Tianhe formed by the Tianshan Mountains. The thirty-three heavens and the Tianhe formed by the Tianshan Mountains are like the backbone of a dragon. Each realm is like a dragon’s tail, claws, mouth, and head, arranged forward until the jade. Beijing.
Xu Ying used his magic power, and the nine magic weapons immediately formed a set of external realms, from the Five Sacred Mountains to the Jade Capital City, all connected!
At this moment, he stepped into wonderland.
Xu Ying raised his hand and used the Dao Hammer Seal of the Eight Methods of the God of War to face the bone hammer. He heard a loud bang, and the demon power and Dao light of destruction were everywhere around the bone hammer. The demon clan great sage was refined into the bone hammer. As a result, a lot of his energy and energy were wiped out.
The bone hammer was beaten into the sky, and the bear demon roared. The bear’s paw holding the bone hammer was rubbed with blood by the flying bone hammer.
/Xu Ying jumped into the air, came to the bear demon, and flicked his fingers. His fingertips were still dozens of feet away from the bear demon. A hole opened in the bear demon’s forehead, and then the back of its head exploded and blood mist flew.
Xu Ying flew through the air between his forehead and his head, his clothes flying, but not stained with any blood.
These were the clothes given to him by the Supreme Demon. Although they were luxurious, they were also extraordinary magic weapons.
Xu Ying passed through the bear demon’s corpse and flew through the dense forest behind the bear demon. He raised his hand in vain, but saw the shadows of nine heavens and ten earths appearing behind him.
He pressed his palm down, and the mountains in front rumbled and shook, sinking to the ground. The huge pressure even crushed the mountain where the ancient Qinglong’s corpse was transformed!
/The giant demon hiding in the mountain was still controlling the Great Saint Immortal Armament made from the spine. Feeling the terrifying power, he didn’t care much and immediately roared and revealed his true form.
It was a toad with six big eyes, crawling among the mountains. Its body even excee