o doubt that it is not a good thing to go from high altitude. It may be easily discovered by the Yamata no Orochi exploring the volcano.

When Wei Xiaobei sneaked close to the huge volcano under the cover of many boulders, he still saw the giant snakes playing and resting near the river and lava.
Well, obviously, the last time Wei Xiaobei stole a large number of snake eggs, it had a serious impact on the giant snake population. At this time, the number of snakes that had been drastically reduced by the fierce battle between the giant snakes and the warriors had not yet recovered.
According to visual inspection, the number of giant snakes around the volcano is only more than 10,000, which is much less than the number of 50,000 to 60,000 last time.
I just don’t know how the two Yamata no Orochi are recovering.
/After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei hid in the river behind a huge rock and suddenly let out a breath.
This aura spread out, and those giant snakes, whether they were playing or resting, suddenly became alert. They raised their thick bodies, spit out snake messages, and looked toward Wei Xiaobei.
However, this trace of Wei Xiaobei’s aura disappeared as soon as it was released, making it difficult for them to determine the source of this aura.
After these giant snakes returned to their previous state, Wei Xiaobei released his breath again.
This time, the aura released by Wei Xiaobei was several times greater than before, and the reaction of the giant snakes was even more intense. They even formed a snake formation on the spot, and while spitting out snake messages, they kept making terrifying screams!
Obviously, the aura released by Wei Xiaobei this time frightened them.
The strongest among these giant snakes are only four-star ordinary, but the aura released by Wei Xiaobei has surpassed the four-star terror and reached the level of four-star disaster.
For these giant snakes, what they feel in an instant is fear!
But this time, there was movement in the originally quiet crater.
The sound of violent rolling magma suddenly appeared, and then several huge snake heads poked out of the crater, looking around vigilantly for signs of snakes!
It’s Yamata no Orochi.
Finally appeared.
The eight heads are that of the Yamata-no-Orochi that was not seriously injured, and the head next to it is that of the Yamata-no-Orochi that had multiple heads chopped off. Went back.
Obviously, multiple heads were chopped off, which was an extremely serious injury to the Yamata no Orochi, so much so that it has not recovered yet.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh.
Without the Yamata no Orochi as an opponent, the next battle will undoubtedly be much easier.
Wei Xiaobei no longer hid, he kicked off the ground with his legs, and then stepped on the air, as if stepping on an invisible staircase, rushing up towards the huge volcano.
Yamata no Orochi’s vision was very good. When he saw Wei Xiaobei rushing towards him, he didn’t hesitate at all. He opened his head and spat out a ball of fire towards Wei X