heart and bowed, “This is what Master taught me.”

He composed himself and called down again: “Brother Xu, hurry up! The sacrificial ceremony has begun! Brother Xu?”
He waited for a moment, but when Xu Ying didn’t reply, he said, “Master, I’ll go down and call him!”
Master Huolong was a little uneasy and said: “There was an evil spirit in Daleiyin Temple once. The evil spirit was very evil. It is not a good place. Let’s go together to prevent him from being hit by evil spirits.”
The master and apprentice flew downward.
In the Xumi Realm, the people of the one hundred and eight divine kingdoms also offered sacrifices to the Water-Fire Huntian Cauldron at this time. The scent of incense spread hundreds of thousands of miles, rising like streams of smoke.
The power of the water-fire hybrid heaven cauldron is even greater, and the heavenly runes on the cauldron wall become clearer and clearer.
The people of all countries chanted louder and louder, and their expressions became more and more fanatical. The starry sky was more and more distorted by the divine cauldron, and the stars slowly fell into the cauldron.
Master Fire Dragon and Han Zekang were startled by the power of the divine cauldron, and they all looked up, feeling inexplicably shocked.
At this moment, the sky shook violently, and an extremely huge face covered Mount Sumeru, with eyes like the sun and moon, pressing towards Mount Sumeru across the sky!
That scene was extremely terrifying and oppressive!
Then the sky cracked open, and a big hand that covered the sky reached out. In an instant, it enveloped the top of Mount Sumeru and grabbed the water-fire hybrid heaven cauldron!
The gods in Mount Sumeru were furious, and they rose into the sky one after another, sacrificing all kinds of divine weapons and weapons, and attacked the big hand and the face of the sky!
They are gods born from the incense of all realms in Sumeru. They already have the characteristics of gods. When they take action, the sound of heaven is filled with them.
But the next moment, the sky above Mount Xumi became extremely bright, and three thousand heavenly talismans unfolded like a scroll, filling the sky in an instant!
A masterpiece of Taoism!
The three hundred and sixty gods of Mount Xumi groaned, and in an instant they were all defeated. The magic power in their bodies was chaotic, and they fell in all directions!
/Master Huolong and Han Zekang were stunned, looking up at that huge face. Han Zekang whispered: “Master, do you think this face looks like Brother Xu Ying’s face?”
The Fire Dragon Master nodded repeatedly, “They are all black, Xu Ying should be in the Great Leiyin Temple!”
The two masters and disciples looked at each other and hurriedly flew towards the Great Leiyin Temple. Before they arrived, they saw Xu Ying standing by a pool of water, looking at his own shadow in the pool, and putting one hand into the water, as if he was grabbing Something in the water.
In the sky, that big hand clasped downwards, the strong wind was surging, the thunder