on Sword Alliance become friends with you, the thief of the Emperor’s Sect?”

“Xiandi, what did you do just now?”
“Don’t talk nonsense. That’s not what you said just now. We are all nothing. What happened in the past is in the past. Let’s just talk about the present.”
Lu Bei waved his hand to interrupt ‘Zhu Xun’, and glanced back and forth between the couple. The man named Zhu’s face was too dark, and he refused to ship for a long time. Why not try his wife, see how fair and tender she is, maybe she will be born soon. Goods.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei stepped forward and punched ‘Zhu Xun’ hard in the chest.
One cannot, or at least should not, out of respect for love and marriage, a sister-in-law, a wife, etc., avoid suspicion if possible.
“Hey, has it been shipped?”
After blowing away ‘Zhu Xun’ with one punch, Lu Bei was surprised to find that the Blood Nest skill actually penetrated the soul, and the couple’s combined skill was activated on the spot.
Yin and Yang Separation Technique: The sky moves vigorously, the terrain is kun, the yin and yang are in harmony, the sky is clear and the earth is peaceful.
‘Xia Yuechan’ cursed loudly, angrily accusing Lu Bei of not playing according to the routine and being a scum among perverts. He was chopped down to the ground with a sword because he was too elegant with his fragrant mouth.
After taking action, Lu Bei realized something was wrong. He thought about the reason and immediately twitched the corner of his mouth.
Was insulted.
“That’s unreasonable. Who do you think Mr. Lu is? I respect you and your wife as guests. I deliberately avoided physical contact with my wife. I didn’t expect that you would frame me and insult my reputation.”
Lu Bei exhaled to scare me, and gave up on himself and said: “Okay, a gentleman has the beauty of a man. You think I am a pervert, I will help you today, and I will show you my sex once again.”
“Brother, there is a misunderstanding!”
Zhu Xun changed back to his original appearance, and when he saw Lu Bei’s reluctance, he started to rub his hands together. He took it into consideration and shouted:
“I’ll add money!”
/There is no unsolvable hatred in the world. If there is, it must be because the money is not in place.
Upon hearing Zhu Xun’s request for more money, Lu Bei decisively put aside his personal grudges and generously stated that his sister-in-law’s sneak attack on his fist with her chest would be forgotten.
Just this once, never happen again.
Hearing such shameless remarks, Xia Yuechan was so angry that she trembled with anger and glared at her husband, blaming him for having bad ideas.
Zhu Xun felt deeply aggrieved and Xia Yuechan was angry. He was also wondering. He had clearly confirmed with his eyes that he was one of his own, so how could he become a gentleman?
scratching one’s head.JPG
The appearance of Zhu Xun and Xia Yuechan was due to the responsibilities of the Emperor Ji Sect and they had to come.
/As a member of the system, Lu Bei expressed his understanding. In the previous battles, both side