ly because someone was above him and the magic weapon the master left for him could be used easily.

Double Mystic Treasure Map.
The purpose of this object is yin and yang. Lu Bei is restricted by his understanding and can only use it as a catalyst for dual cultivation. No matter who or what Tao, as long as it is slightly involved in the technique he practices, he can use it for his own purposes.
/But in a passive situation, it can be used to deal with the Dao Yun of Laojun Creation.
When enemies meet, they are bound to die.
/Now, it depends on who is the unjust one and who can seize the opportunity and thank nature for its gift.
“My way is not alone, it can survive!”
Mr. Creation laughed loudly, and when he stood up, he threw away the fishing rod in his hand.
He transformed into the world of yin and yang and returned to the original appearance of Tongxin Island. He waved his hand to summon Mo Xuan’s back and belly diagrams, rising to the sky and sinking to the earth, forming the formation of a round sky and a square earth.
The bad old man still didn’t take Lu Bei seriously because of his superior level, and he didn’t even bother to use his magic weapon.
Seeing this, Lu Bei felt no anger at being looked down upon. If possible, he hoped that his future enemies would be like Mr. Creation.
boom! ! !
The consequences of underestimating the enemy are self-evident.
Lu Bei’s mouth contains a star array, which is transformed into armor, and his eyes are dancing with two golden flames. With absolute strength and absolute speed, he punched the sky and the earth with one punch, pushed him across the void, walked away, and suddenly rushed in front of Mr. Good Fortune.
He has a face of a worldly master with a slight smile, and his expression does not change even when he is punching his face.
Lu Bei secretly admired him, and out of respect for the Mahayana stage, he suddenly became more energetic.
Two figures passed by each other, the slender golden-armored figure maintained a punching posture, the background was hazy with blood mist, and bean blossoms were flying.
The Lord of Creation has both feet firmly planted on the ground, above both feet
Just two feet.
The golden figure faded, and Lu Bei appeared behind Mr. Good Fortune like a teleport. He raised his hands to support the sky, his divine eyes captured the soul and the rapidly recovering body, and accurately struck a fatal blow.
The wheel seal of life and death!
The Tiangang warfare and magical skills inherited by the demon clan can control life and death, control yin and yang, and have the immortal magical power to create life. They are derived from it and have many wonderful applications. It is not impossible to understand the charm of Tao.
Lu Bei didn’t understand this. It was very fancy and not smooth at all. He just punched it out after rounding it.
With a heavy blow, Mr. Creation’s soul and body lost their color at the same time. With the two colors of yin and yang rising and falling, the soul melted rapidly at a speed visible to the n