we take a photo together?” Bai Rui was a little surprised. She didn’t expect Liu Changan to deny face. Generally speaking, he would not give Qian Ning face. How could anyone be so unkind?

Liu Changan shook his head.
Bai Rui turned to look at Qian Ning awkwardly and tugged on Qian Ning’s sleeves. Didn’t this idiot see that his girlfriend had no face at all? I don’t know what to say to help.
“Liu Changan, give me some face.” Qian Ning said coldly. He was angry. He never expected to meet Liu Changan, let alone Bai Rui actually said that she was Liu Changan’s crush! Mini mom!
But he didn’t dare not help Bai Rui. After all, Bai Rui was the one who could break up with him three times in the morning, noon and night. Once they broke up, he would have to work hard to coax her, which was extremely annoying.
Sometimes I want to break up, but after all, we are girlfriends, free sex has not yet beaten the dog, and finding a new girlfriend may not be as beautiful as Bai Rui, and secondly, not all girls nowadays are A fake?
“Why should I give you face?” Liu Changan shook his head.
Qian Ning was stunned for a moment, “We are high school classmates after all.”
“You and Bai Hui are classmates in junior high school and high school, and you don’t give her face. Why do you think that I will give you face when we have a casual relationship with you?” Liu Changan suggested sincerely, “Next year’s Arbor Day, remember to plant trees. .”
“You” Qian Ning’s cheeks were red and she pulled Bai Rui, “let’s go.”
“Liu Chang’an, do you agree if I apologize to Bai Hui?” Bai Rui refused to leave. She and Qian Ning were not in the same school. They were separated by most of the city. This way, she could witness the legendary figure in the student circle with her own eyes. There are not many opportunities.
“Please apologize.” Liu Changan said.
Bai Rui brushed the hair beside her ears, hesitated, and finally smiled, saying to Bai Hui: “Bai Hui, don’t mind, I really didn’t mean it to you.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Bai Hui lowered his head and looked at the floor.
/When Liu Changan saw Bai Rui also apologized, he felt that nothing had happened to him, so he turned around and left, still holding the five dolls in his arms.
“Liu Changan and we haven’t taken a group photo yet” Bai Rui hurriedly chased after him.
“I just lied to you.” Liu Changan immediately admitted that he had lied.
“You” Bai Rui stomped her feet angrily and stopped when she saw Liu Changan actually walked into the Hermès counter. For many girls, when they don’t have a bank card with a sufficient denomination, facing this kind of counter, They didn’t even have the courage to walk in.
“Understood? Liu Changan is such a person, and you are still his fan girl. What fan girl is he?” Qian Ning said angrily.
“Keke still has quite a personality.” Bai Rui thought for a while, twisted her body and said.
Qian Ning felt depressed, turned around and walked to the street to take a taxi, not bothering to care about Bai Rui.
/Bai Hui still stood there and suddenly smiled, vaguely seeing a