ch about how Liu Changan did it. She just took the wet wipe and wiped her abdominal skin without showing any signs of weakness, and then added: “I’m going to take a shower later and wipe all your saliva.” Just wash it off.”

Liu Changan glanced at the bathroom door, nodded, and said nothing.
Qin Yanan was a little suspicious of the way he looked at the bathroom door and the meaning of his nod, which hinted at what happened that night, but there was no evidence, so he could only blush silently, snorted lightly and said nothing.
“Did you get any test results?” Qin Yanan quickly said something serious to dispel the strange mood.
Qin Yanan opened his mouth and was mentally prepared. Liu Changan confirmed again, which completely calmed down his original mood of expectation or resistance. After accepting the reality, he felt much more at ease.
“It won’t keep reminding you like this. When you haven’t been able to provide enough nutrients, it will enter a dormant state to protect itself until it can absorb the nutrients it wants.” Liu Changan affirmed.
/“Anyway, I can’t accept your method of transforming my belly into something that can absorb the nutrients in your saliva. It’s perverted and disgusting.” Qin Yanan told Liu Changan seriously that there was no need to discuss this matter.
“Okay, I’ll think of a way.” Liu Changan didn’t insist. After all, she had to respect her own opinion on this matter. “You also need some time to accept, think and adjust your mentality, and then you can determine your final plan. We will discuss it carefully at that time as to how to handle this matter.”
“Okay.” Qin Yanan sat up and pressed her lower abdomen, “Do you want to take a bath in the hot spring? If you want to take a bath, I will take a bath later.”
“No.” Liu Changan walked out of the bedroom door.
Qin Yanan hugged Liu Changan from behind.
Liu Changan grabbed her stretched out hands and asked with some confusion: “Is something wrong?”
“elder brother.”
“I’m a little worried.”
“I mean Su Nanxiu, is he hiding something?” Qin Yanan had to remind her brother.
Liu Changan no longer wants Qin Yanan to regard Su Nanxiu as his sister-in-law. Qin Yanan is sure of this, so he often doesn’t think too much about Su Nanxiu’s thoughts and things.
But Qin Yanan couldn’t. Just as Su Nanxiu felt that Qin Yanan was a thorn in his side, Qin Yanan was also wary of Su Nanxiu casting a net and waiting for Liu Changan to get into the net himself.
“What is she hiding?” Liu Changan has already checked Qin Yanan’s body. He can confirm that Qin Yanan is still in good health. The gestational sac does not threaten her life, so if Su Nanxiu conceals something else, he will not care.
“She deliberately emphasized that Ye Sijin was in a dangerous period that night, and she was in a safe period. It is easy to make people think that the days when this kind of gestational sac condition can occur are the same as that night. In fact, she didn’t just have sex with you that night. It’s related! What’s more, since ordinary people’s common sense of f