and became a lunar thunder seal. But when he looked at it, the seal pattern seemed to be made of various overlapping shapes, and then it was surging with a gust of wind. And whirling around, the lightning burst out.

One is divided into two, and two is divided into four.
In an instant, almost like a torrential rain, the black dragon was split into sixty-four thunder and seal talismans. As they circled and circled, it seemed that the innate Bagua Qi machine dispersed and evolved into changes in the sky.
The thunder talisman was clearly right in front of me, but when I sensed it carefully, it didn’t seem to be there anymore. When I sensed it again, it seemed to be everywhere.
/Why so fast?
/In a state of shock, Yun Hanfu slowed down for another half beat.
She was still in the midst of a literary debate, but when she saw Chu Weiyang’s swift attack, she suddenly felt that the person in front of her was unfamiliar.
It no longer seems like a human cultivator, but something similar to the resurgence of a ghost spirit, and its movements and movements are gradually showing some ferocious emotions.
So, when Chu Weiyang’s sixty-four hexagrams circulated around the sky, causing the qi to be melted into thunder, and then fell straight towards Yunhan, she would induce the flow of the five qi, using thunder as the weapon. The barrier uses life as a millstone, and it can hold up the spiritual light canopy to catch the mysterious thunder.
It’s just that this time, there’s no such orderly going back and forth as there was earlier.
In the midst of the lightning and stone fire, before the mysterious thunder was eliminated by the five-color canopy, sixty-four thunder seal patterns were hanging in the air like a large airtight net, falling towards Yun Han.
Where are the hexagrams circulating? Taking advantage is better than anything else!
At the same time, when the five-color canopy dimmed, Chu Weiyang raised his hands one after another on the spot, and two more black dragons hit the mid-air.
Half of the twelve leaves of the top-quality spiritual material were refined by Chu Weiyang, and a handful of the purple thunder pulp spiritual dew was also consumed. At this time, Chu Weiyang had opened up a large spine in the dragon. Fifteen Taiyin thunder pools, just talking about the vastness of thunder magic power, are enough for Chu Weiyang to fight with others in such a “luxury” way!
A mysterious thunder spread out from the mid-air, just like it did earlier, the sixty-four hexagrams’ qi machines circulated, endlessly, causing the qi machines to condense into thunder, and then followed the intersection of the qi machines, constantly It flew towards Yun Han.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang shook his hands on the spot, and another mysterious thunder had not dispersed completely. It almost turned into a long river of lunar thunder and seals hanging in the air. As Chu Weiyang stepped on the big blue aura, Walking quickly, the suspended thunder river poured towards Yun Han.
At the same time, along with the surge of his figure, all t