wind and rain. Instead, he specially found fine silk cloth and had someone cut and weave it into a mysterious robe.

When there are more people, there are all kinds of capable people who are based on any method. This secret technique of weaving robes is also a long-standing inheritance. The technique is so exquisite that Chun Yuzhi was amazed when he saw it, and then He also complained that his eyesight was too shallow when he was alive, and he missed too many beautiful things in this world.
The man used secret techniques to attract the power of blood evil spirits, and repeatedly sacrificed a bundle of spiritual silk threads. After the sacrifice was successful, he then used the evil spirits to refine it with the help of Chu Weiyang. Then, he used his dexterity to The method is secretly woven into the whole body of the mysterious robe.
The dark red silk threads shine with an obscure spiritual light, and are intertwined into Wuji seal patterns on the robe. When you look carefully, these seal patterns all overlap and undulate to form the appearance of continuous mountains.
Moreover, after receiving Chu Weiyang’s guidance, when he looked from a distance, on the wide black robe, there were eighty-one dragon veins crawling across the eight wastelands, and the mountains in five directions suppressed the four fields inside and outside.
It is close to the Earth Master’s ritual, and it also fits part of the meaning of Chu Weiyang’s “Corpse Dissolution and Refining Diagram”.
Outside the Wuyue Mountains, the vast cloud patterns are like stacked chains, locking the momentum of the Wuji Seal pattern within them. When you look carefully, you can vaguely see one after another of the Taiyin. Thunder seals, condensed with evil connotations, are looming and intertwined in the cloud patterns.
Use mountains to prove the terrain, and use thunder to attract celestial phenomena.
/One is the Kun hexagram and the other is the Qian hexagram.
/Surrounding and connecting each other, they become the mysterious scene of the universe and all the phenomena, and are wrapped in one person’s body.
So, wearing this black robe of heaven and earth, Chu Weiyang stepped on the nine steps step by step, and slowly stood in the center of the five-color earth altar.
Immediately afterwards, when he raised his hand, the apricot-yellow flag flag that had been initially sacrificed by Chu Weiyang appeared. After being sacrificed by Chu Weiyang with magic power, the treasure suddenly rose in the wind, and in an instant it was as tall as it had been for thousands of years. The ancient tree stands firmly in the center of the five-color earth altar.
In an instant, the gentle sea breeze swept over, rolling up the apricot flags at the top, then rolling up the interlaced prayer flags like a forest, then blowing up the delicate smoke, and finally, rolling up Chu Weiyang’s robes. Sound.
Taking a deep breath, Chu Weiyang stood facing north, standing in front of the apricot-yellow banner. When he looked again, the blood evil monks, controlled by the dim light of the