il reaching Fanchuan. Xiao He supervised the construction of Weiyang Palace, beheaded the dragon and built it. The mountain was The foundation is not built in a false way, but for the sake of shape.

Memory point 2: “The Book of Songs·Xiaoya·Hongyanzhishi·Tingxiao”: How is the night? Ye Weiyang, the name of Ting Liao Zhi Guang Weiyang, is commonly used from slaves to princes and emperors. The focus of Liu Changan’s memory is of course Weiyang Palace.
Memory point three: There are three main roads in the Weiyang Palace, two parallel to the east and west, one running through the north and the south. There is Tianlu Palace in the north, which is the earliest national library. In the picture, there is confusion about Sima Qian, who wrote “Historical Records”. In the scene, Liu Changan was looking for Shangguan Dandan and her pony carriage.
Memory point four: Qilin Pavilion, which contains portraits of Huo Guang, Zhang Anshi, Han Zeng, Zhao Chongguo, Wei Xiang and others. The brilliance of Qilin Pavilion soared to the sky, and even Liu Changan’s memory began to blur, so Liu Changan skipped this position.
Memory Point 5: The Jiaofang Palace has magnolia as the rafters and apricot wood as the beams and columns. The texture must also be very elegant. The roof is covered with gold foil, the facade is decorated with jade, the gilt copper pavement is inlaid with many precious stones, and the palace walls are decorated with It is smeared with pepper powder and mud, which is warm and fragrant. The main hall faces north and south, and there are double palaces in front of the palace. There is a palace in front of the palace, which is beyond the scope of ordinary palaces, because this is the residence of the queen.
This is it. The picture in Liu Changan’s mind is fixed at this location, as if walking in it, there is a feeling that a living person is trapped in a space where time and space are stagnant. Everything is so clear and colorful. Liu Changan looks at the distinctive window. Patterns, walking up the slope in front of the hall to the right, purple-red ground, glittering golden wall strips, rare jade inlaid in it, Liu Changan passed through the main hall, walked to the garden, and finally saw the small carriage.
The two short fruit horses were as quiet as specimens, pulling the special cart. Liu Changan approached and was somewhat surprised to see many familiar patterns on the cart, except for some related to sacrifices to the underworld. The patterns, those mythical beasts, dragons, phoenixes, cloud patterns and other patterns are found on the bronze coffin and on the car. The most important thing is that the style is exactly the same, and it seems to be the work of the same paintbrush.
/In Liu Chang’s silent memory scene, a girl who shouldn’t have appeared at all at this time, held up her skirt, jumped up and down, and ran out happily.
She was wearing the queen’s casual clothes, and her childish face revealed her innate elegance. The improvement in her physique accumulated through pampering and pampering made her sk