t feeds it to the children in the barrier, and then distributes it to everyone to taste. For those who like this food, they will not get tired of eating a few large pieces. For those who don’t want to eat too greasy, you can Wrap with rice or serve on slices of bread.

“Sister Zhou, I really envy you. Liu Changan cooks a lot at home.” Zhong Qing walked around the restaurant and came out to say hello to Zhou Shuling.
She has a pretty good relationship with Zhou Shuling, especially as an unmarried woman. They both admire single mothers who raise their children alone. After all, if you put yourself in their shoes, you may find it difficult to accept such a situation and lack the courage to face it.
Zhongqing’s words were unintentional on the part of the speaker but intentional on the part of the listener. Zhou Shuling felt that there was some ambiguity. However, it was not like Zhongqing didn’t know that the relationship between Zhou Shuling and Liu Changan was innocent. Zhou Shuling was just a little shy. She calmed down her emotions and said softly: “It’s normal. I help him cook, and only the dishes that I don’t know how to cook, or the dishes that he feels he needs to show his skills to, are the ones that Chang An cooks.”
“I’m not good at cooking, but I usually do what I can, and I also have some guidance on housework arrangements.” Shangguan Dandan said that he also actively participated. He had finished eating all the fish in his mouth, and now he is slowly eating fat. Exploding cod liver, I can take the time to say a few words for myself.
“What she means is that she has nothing to do except stand there and point fingers.” Liu Changan knew that Shangguan Dandan always spoke in a reserved manner, and he was afraid that everyone would not understand, so he helped her explain clearly.
Shangguan Dandan didn’t think there was any problem. For the sake of the delicious fish liver, he was willing to give some serious advice, “A home is like a battlefield, with kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, electric radiators and sofas, all kinds of areas.” There are various forces distributed, and I am too powerful to participate in the war at will, otherwise it will cause an extreme imbalance of power and a reversal of the situation, so it is my responsibility to give guidance from a high position and control the conflict in the general direction.”
Zhou Shuling and Zhong Qing had a little difficulty understanding Shangguan Dandan’s words, but Liu Changan nodded. He was indeed a leader born in the traditional feudal bureaucracy. He did not do anything serious and could talk nonsense for three days and three nights.
/Seeing that his beloved daughter-in-law and the waiting daughter-in-law were not very clear, Shangguan Dandan continued to explain that the electric heating table was the core area of ??a family and the electric pony car was the core asset, and he paid attention to whether Liu Changan was there. It means to distribute the newly roasted fish liver to the Queen Mother.
Liu Changan turned a deaf ear to Shangguan Dan