think I am someone who expects some benefits in return?”

Bai Nu sneered, noncommittal.
But his eyes clearly determined that this black turtle was such a person.
Ho ho ho! !
At this moment, a distant and vast dragon roar could be heard faintly from the depths of the white water. This immature dragon roar came, and Bai Nu’s eyes moved, and a hint of joy appeared in his eyes.
“It seems that Li Ying has successfully gathered the power of the dragon to determine fate and successfully built the foundation!”
Seeing this scene, Xuan Jiu’s eyes narrowed and he said for a moment: “You are a lucky daughter. The breakthrough happened to coincide with the hidden dragon entering the abyss. With a wisp of luck, the breakthrough will be different in the future. If you have a deep friendship with Qianlong, your path to spiritual practice will inevitably be full of twists and turns!”
/Bai Nu hummed softly upon hearing this.
“You’re an old turtle who knows how to hit the target!”
“However, even without this experience, the road to immortality is still full of thorns and bones. There is actually no big difference between making friends and not making friends. It is just a disaster. Who knows when a cultivator will die on the way?!”
Bai Nu didn’t care.
Xuanjiu was speechless when he saw the old dragon lying in ruins.
But if you think about it carefully, this is indeed the case.
Even if they don’t get involved, wouldn’t the disaster be less severe?
not necessarily!
Bai Nu’s eyes changed, but he extended an invitation to Xuan Jiu: “Old Turtle, now that my little four has succeeded in measuring his fortune and building a foundation, you are the only witness. How about entering the Water Mansion and having a glass of wine?”
“The water and wine of your White Water Dragon Palace taste very light!”
With such words in his mouth, Xuan Jiu did not refuse.
Weiwei Cave Temple.
The Cave God Temple is at the highest point in Fengyang County. Taoist Yuhe is dressed in feathers, but his face looks worried at this time.
He saw the changes inside and outside Fengyang County, but he didn’t care. The Dongshen Temple was aloof from the beginning to the end.
Of course, there is also absolute certainty that all changes can be suppressed.
What Taoist Yuhe was thinking about at this time was his own future. A few days ago, when he greeted the Dongming Patriarch of the Dong family, he failed to flatter him, and ended up patting the horse’s legs. Instead of getting any benefit, he actually suffered. There was a lot of trouble, which made Yuhe Taoist uneasy all the time.
If Patriarch Dongming was unhappy and had to wear small shoes in the Haojing General Temple, his position as the leader of the Ten Directions Jungle Temple might not be guaranteed.
This is a fat one.
/Sitting in this position, he is in charge of many Taoist temples inside and outside Fengyang County, or small immortal cultivating families. Even if he does not take any action, the many resources and elixirs that the Taoist temples can collect every year are extremely impressi