ch meant that she stood up for Lei Valley.

ch meant that she stood up for Lei Valley.
In the current conflict, the main subjects of both sides are Xuannv Palace, one of which is the Hall Master Courtyard, and the other is Zhao Xinxin, a disciple of the Huazhu Courtyard and the Lord of Thunder Valley.
Now Quan Baiyi doesn’t talk about Lei Gu, but just asks Ding Jingzhu, why did you stand up for Li Yongsheng?
If you think about it again, Li Changsheng has a handsome face, but Ding Qingyao is a female cultivator, and you can know what kind of vicious intention is contained in Hall Master Quan’s question.
Zhao Xinxin didn’t hear the deep intention of these words, otherwise it would be hard to say what amazing actions she could do.
But Ding Qingyao heard it. As the head of the Sutra Master Academy, she wanted to ponder the meaning of the sutras, and her level of articulating words was far superior to others. What she was best at was picking out words.
But she was not angry. It was too late for her to be honored that she could be brought together with Guanfeng Envoy.
So she just pretended that she didn’t taste it, but her face sank and she answered righteously.
“Master Li has made great efforts to bring back the Lihuo Fan. He is kind to our Xuannv Palace and will not allow you to offend at will. Don’t always use secular cultivators to judge things. Believe it or not, I will invite a great master from the door to uphold justice. ?”
“I just defeated a barbarian,” Quan Baiyi snorted disdainfully.
But then, a look of embarrassment appeared on his face.
He knew the general process of Li Huo Fan’s return, and he also knew that Li Yongsheng used three swords to defeat a high-level Taoist master.
/When he heard the news, he was a little disapproving. If it were me, I might be able to solve the problem with two cuts.
Of course, considering that the other party was a secular cultivator, he thought “magnanimously” that it was not easy to have such fighting power.
But just a moment ago, he realized that it was these three swords that forced him to use his precious stand-in.
Only when you really face these three swords can you realize the terrifying murderous intention contained in these three swords.
So he really couldn’t say it anymore.
“You don’t have to defend yourself,” Master Ding Jing said seriously, “I will definitely contact Master Li Hua and report to the three capitals to impeach your hall master for his wanton behavior and bullying of his disciples!”
Eight Hundred and Sixth Chapter Thirteen: A different way of persuasion
Facing Ding Qingyao’s threat, Quan Baiyi waved his hand disdainfully, “Then you go and report the matter, and I will also report it to the three capitals to uphold justice for the disciples of the main hall!”
After that, He turned around and was about to leave, but unexpectedly someone shouted, “Stop!”
Following this sharp shout, a strong killing intent locked onto him.
Quan Baiyi looked sideways and saw Li Yongsheng pointing at him with a long knife, speaking lightly, “Give Binbei Shuangdu back!”
His exp