gy shield or missiles to stop him. He quickly arrived at a distance of several hundred meters. He cut a gap with his sword and rushed in.

Then David felt the sense of lock disappear, and he also sensed the existence of the soldier puppet. He did not expect that the soldier puppet had not been killed by other soldiers on the frigate.
David didn’t know that what happened in the cockpit was not known to the other sailors in the frigate.
So no soldiers came to check. Of course, this happened too fast. After a while, some soldiers would notice something unusual.
David’s heart moved and he called the soldier puppet over.
At this moment, the entire body of the frigate suddenly shook, and it was three frigates that launched an attack on the frigate.
Fortunately, the secondary battery attack was not as terrifying as the main battery. It only punched a big hole in the frigate’s body.
However, through the shadow attendant who stayed outside the ship, David saw that the main guns of the three frigates were being recharged. The other party really ignored them and didn’t care that there were still crew members here, so they were ready to blast David and the other crew members together. kill.
At this time, capable soldiers are trying to find ways to escape from the frigate, while ordinary crew members can only scream in despair.
/The golden exoskeleton armor on David’s body became dim, and then his body merged with the surrounding environment. He turned on the environment fusion function on the golden exoskeleton armor.
He aimed his sword at the hull of the ship and once again opened a gap in the hull. At this time, the soldier puppet also ran over.
David asked the soldier puppet to go out first, while he hid behind the soldier puppet and tried to block his body with the body of the soldier puppet, so as to reduce the possibility of being discovered by various scanning devices.
He is now very close to the other three frigates, and he will be discovered accidentally. When he used the corpse of a soldier to block the approach to the frigate, he was probably discovered by a life detection device. This time he used Try living soldiers as cover.
There were nearly twenty soldiers who escaped from the frigate. The three frigates did not attack the escaped soldiers, and they were not in a good position to do so. They only strengthened the identification of these soldiers.
Fortunately, David’s exoskeleton armor is too conspicuous, and they can easily distinguish whether David is included in it.
After no trace of David was found, one of the three frigates began to accept the soldiers.
David has been sticking closely to the soldier puppet. Coupled with his own ability to hide the breath and the environmental integration ability of the golden exoskeleton armor, the scanning device on the frigate did not detect him.
He entered the ship with the soldier puppets, and he saw several medical soldiers welcoming the soldiers.
David didn’t think about his previous recklessness this time. He needed a better way of fighting, otherwise h