he blood of several soldiers who blocked the attack for me!” Benton’s extraordinary voice was hoarse. As he spoke, the spear in his hand stabbed out continuously, piercing the body of the third-level Zerg. Several injuries.

It’s just that this third-level Zerg is biased towards defense. Although it was injured, none of it was fatal.
David immediately activated the ‘sharp’ effect and ducked to the side of the third-level Zerg. Then, the ‘Sharp Heavy Ax’ followed the guidance of the spiritual thread and killed the third-level Zerg again.
“Medical soldiers, hurry up and save people!” Benton Chaofan did not speak to David, but turned around and shouted loudly.
Benton is an extraordinary spear-armor, and his defense is inherently insufficient. In the face-to-face battle with the third-level Zerg, if many armored men had not blocked the attack for him, he would have been seriously injured.
David felt Benton’s extraordinary sadness and anger. Without hesitation, he turned around and killed the last level three Zerg.
He did not say hello to Garth Chaofan, but approached the third-level Zerg in the fastest way and killed it.
/David also found that he was more suitable to fight the third-level Zerg in the battle formation, because in the battle formation, the third-level Zerg would not notice him at all. Of course, this was related to his ability to hide his aura.
The third-level Zerg had to deal with Garth’s extraordinary strength and the attack from the Spear Warrior, so when David attacked, the third-level Zerg had no time to react.
The deaths of three level three Zerg made the soldiers feel relieved, and even bigger cheers came. It turned out that it was the Knight of Cade on the other side who finally killed the ‘Titan Black Beetle’.
The scene when the huge body of the ‘Titan Black Beetle’ collapsed was very spectacular, and was seen by many soldiers, which triggered cheers.
Generally, only one level four Zerg will appear in a defense line. Once this level four Zerg is killed, it means that the insect tide in this defense line is about to end.
An insect swarm of this scale requires level 4 Zerg to be controlled. The ‘Titan Black Beetle’ is the commander of the attack on this line of defense. The death of the ‘Titan Black Beetle’ made the Zerg in the insect swarm suddenly wake up.
/Once the originally fearless crazy Zerg woke up, they discovered that their companions rushing in front of the warrior formation would be assassinated by countless spears, and with the violent sound of cannons, all the Zerg in a large area would die. The Zerg who woke up were afraid.
The insect tide no longer attacks forward, they disperse and run aimlessly in other directions.
“Victory!” First a soldier let out a cheer of surprise.
As this voice sounded, more soldiers cheered. From the morning until it got dark, this battlefield lasted for a whole day.
Even with constant rotation, the soldiers were already exhausted. When many of the soldiers saw the insect tide dissipating, they relaxed and sat down directly on the ground full o