of the elders of the Tianjian Sect. , the blame has been put on my head, and now I am asked to express my position.”

If you think too much, the Lingxiao Sword Sect will not appear in subsequent versions. You have failed yourself after all!
Lu Bei replied in his heart and said: “In the eyes of outsiders, the relationship between this Ziwei and you is not only a fire and water, but also a life and death relationship. The Tianjian Sect’s frame-up is too boring.”
“The process doesn’t matter, the key is the result. What they want is the leader’s statement.”
The conversation between the two was quite interesting. One claimed to be the Purple Guard and the other claimed to be the leader. Both wanted to outdo each other in terms of status.
“Then express your stance!”
Lu Bei shrugged and said indifferently: “It doesn’t matter whether I go or stay. The key is the safety of Lingxiao Sword Sect. First stabilize Tianjian Sect. When the world is in chaos, Lingxiao Sword Sect decisively separates the relationship. Basically, the general trend decided.”
“It’s not that easy. The Tianjian Sect is not a vegetarian. The Iron Sword Alliance dominates the world. I don’t know how long the troubled times will last. The Lingxiao Sword Sect wants to survive.”
“The little Silver Guard dares to speak rudely. Let this Purple Guard tell you that the Iron Sword Alliance will not be able to survive for long. As long as you persist until the day when the world is in chaos, the Lingxiao Sword Sect will be safe.” Lu Bei raised his hand to interrupt and made the final decision. road.
“Oh, my nephew has inside information?” Lin Buyan raised his eyebrows and asked urgently.
“This matter is of great importance, and it is not something you, a Silver Guard, can know. Do your job well, and I will let you know the specific situation when it is time to know.” Lu Bei said in an official tone.
Speaking of this, he still found it incredible.
The entire Lingxiao Sword Sect, from Grand Master Baihu to the various uncles in between, down to the senior brothers and sisters, as well as the not-so-smart nephews, Lin Buyan was the only one who couldn’t deal with him, but this enemy turned out to be one of his own.
/It’s a pity, if it had been delayed any longer, the friendly troops would have been buried generously.
Lu Bei was unwilling to reveal the information. Lin Buyan was half angry and snorted coldly: “In that case, let’s talk about the statement. The ugly words are ahead. The leader’s statement must be extremely tough. When my nephew arrives, Don’t get angry out of embarrassment!”
“As you wish, I don’t care if I can keep the Lingxiao Sword Sect safe.”
“Master was still thinking about the Lingxiao Sword Sect before he left. Master Lu tried his best to help me return to the mountain. Senior Sister Bai led me to practice. The senior brother is a generous person and has taken care of me and treated me with many kindnesses. I am sincerely convinced, even though I don’t say it. But I always keep it in my heart.”
Speaking of this, Lu Bei gl