ionally powerful.

As she slept for so many years, her soul was nourished by her personality and became stronger and stronger, and there was boundless incense and divine power gathering around her.
The surge of divine power from all kinds of incense is completely sufficient even for the incense to become a god.
“His Majesty!”
After Qi Yuhua woke up, his eyes fell on Zhang Jian, with a somewhat happy expression on his face.
She had already seen the surrounding scene, and knew that she might be about to ascend when she woke up this time.
Then he saluted Zhang Yi and his wife.
A smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Jian’s mouth.
Although they had not seen each other for thousands of years, the two of them looked at each other and had many words left unspoken.
After walking out of Fengling, Zhang Jian led everyone across the void and awakened Prince Duan Zhang Min who was sleeping in Prince Duan’s tomb.
Then he returned to the imperial mausoleum.
Seeing everyone appear, Zhang Yi, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Xian and other princes and princesses stepped forward to salute.
Qi Yuhua looked at the sons and daughters with some surprise in his smart eyes.
They had not seen each other for thousands of years. Although the sons and daughters had changed greatly, she could still recognize their appearance among the crowd at a glance.
Zhang Jian looked at this scene with a slight smile on his face, and at the same time he looked towards the horizon.
A thick thundercloud appeared on the horizon, and Fengling had already begun to attack the Heavenly Immortal Tribulation.
But Zhang Jian didn’t pay too much attention. With Fengling’s background, it was not difficult to survive the immortal tribulation.
/He called the Crown Prince Zhang Zhao and the Crown Princess Si Li’er aside, and gave instructions alone for a while. Then before entering the square, he motioned for everyone who had ascended with him to come forward.
In addition to Zhang and his wife, Duan Wang Zhang Min.
Among the royal family are Queen Bai of the West Palace, Concubine Yu, Concubine Meng, four elephants and mythical beasts, and Princess Zhangqiao of Nanyang.
Among the immortals and gods, there are more than a dozen ghosts and gods who govern the country, headed by the Kitchen God and the Red Flower Empress. They are all his subordinates in the mortal world. After entering the immortal pool in the heaven, they can re-condensate their immortal bodies, which can be directly charged into the emperor’s mansion, becoming The confidant of heaven.
There are also some highly accomplished princes among the civil and military ministers of the Manchu Dynasty. Most of them have become true immortals and can be brought directly into the heaven. They can not only serve as the team of the heaven, but also be brought into the heaven to stabilize the order of the Great Xia Dynasty in the lower world. ‘Proton’!
This actually goes beyond the scope of uprooting one’s home and ascending to heaven.
It can be regarded as a meteoric rise!
It’s just that how many of them we can