oked at each other and chose to sit back and watch in tacit agreement.

Most of these disciples have the blood of the innate gods and are quite qualified. If they can ascend with the Holy King of Great Xia, it might not be a bad choice.
Next to them, Zhang Yi and Zhang Xian looked at this scene and couldn’t help but be stunned.
“That’s okay!”
Zhang Yi muttered in his mouth that he had been exposed to many peach blossoms over the years, including many dragons and dragons. Seeing this, he winked at the two dragons and dragons next to him, and at the same time waved his hand with a blast of wind and thunder power that directly pushed some civil and military ministers away. Send the dragon son and dragon girl directly to the dragon’s back.
Seeing this scene in the distance, Ji Shi followed the example of a gourd and sent several descendants with outstanding qualifications directly to the dragon’s back.
Under the nine-color divine light, Zhang Jian and the red dragon of national destiny beneath him had involuntarily flew towards the portal of heaven.
/Looking at this scene, he frowned slightly, and immediately waved his hand to send some of the concubines, princesses, and other immortals to the red-veined fire dragon.
Seeing that everyone below was using their own methods to pull the red dragon of national destiny, and left through the air. He shook his head secretly, and a magnificent fairy light circulated between his hands. The red dragon swung its tail, and immediately threw away some ministers and the royal family.
In an instant, red light rose into the sky and flew towards the portal of heaven.
Looking carefully, I saw that some ministers had fallen, and there were exactly one hundred and ten monks above the Immortal God Queen and the Red Veined Fire Dragon.
Some of them managed to stay on the Red Veined Fire Dragon, such as the ancestors and disciples of the Dongshen Sect, the Taiyin Fairy, the two Dragon Sons and Dragon Girls sent over by Zhang Yi, and the three royal descendants sent by Ji.
In addition, there are some old ministers of the Daxia Dynasty.
For example, Lord Greedy Wolf Star An Ru Ming, Lord Po Jun Star Song Yingzhen, and some Daxia military generals who have star destiny and whose martial arts attainments have become star gods.
There are also a few civil servants, most of whom are veterans.
/Zhang Jian also gave them a chance and good fortune.
After all, it is a matter of monarch and minister.
Other beings who tried to fish in troubled waters and ascend together were directly thrown down by him.
For a time, there were many fallen monks in the square, as if they were mourning for their heirs.
Some monks could not help but feel shaken in their Taoist hearts, and they slumped down on the ascension platform and burst into tears.
They really missed a huge opportunity.
If you ascend directly, you will avoid countless detours, avoid many disasters, and reach the sky in one step.
They had just seen clearly that among the civil and military ministers who had ascended, there were also sever