there, since it will not affect the battle situation anyway.

Hearing the mocking laughter, the dark “shadow” paused for a moment, then rushed forward, bullied Klein, and launched an attack on him.
On the other side, when the body of Enuni arrived in front of the three demigods in Silver City, Colin Iliad glanced at Derrick quickly, then withdrew his gaze, crossed his swords into a cross, and blocked the way forward.
At the same time as he made the move, the Silver City chief’s clothes were torn apart by the rapidly expanding muscles.
In the blink of an eye, Colin Iliad turned into a giant nearly six meters tall, with a gray-blue body, black muscles, and distinct blocks.
There was a dark gap on his forehead, which seemed to attract the surrounding souls, but his two eyes were gone.
Every inch of skin and every piece of flesh of this giant contains majestic power, infinite mystery and strange spiritual influence, making every witness inevitably mentally stinging, emotionally manic, and wanting to destroy everything, including themselves.
——In the “No Dark Realm”, Colin Iliad does not need to worry that the suppression of the Kingdom of God will make him unable to control the incomplete mythical creature form, so that he will completely lose control.
The invisible barrier around him immediately shrank inward, turning into a silvery, viscous, molten metal-like water flow that covered his whole body and solidified into an unshakable armor.
At this time, the shadow on Enuni’s body solidified, turning him into a “giant” several meters tall wearing black full-body armor and a dark black giant sword.
/“black Knight”!
The huge black sword slashed down vertically, and was held in mid-air by two straight swords condensed by the morning light.
The shadow under Enuni’s feet and the black wings behind his back extended forward, trying to wrap Colin Iliad.
Almost at the same time, a “storm of light” composed of patches of morning light set off around Colin, sweeping forward.
This storm full of pure fragments swallowed Enuni’s shadow and was blocked by his virtual black wings.
Dang Dang Dang! Bang bang bang!
The “Silver Knight” transformed by Colin Iliad and the “Black Knight” transformed by Enuni collided fiercely, causing light and shadow to disappear and the tower to break.
After receiving the chief’s eye signal, Derrick jumped out with “Thunder God’s Roar” and headed straight for the “Sun Saint”.
Amid the roar of the wind, he swung the giant hammer with a blue surface and electric light, acting like a sailor in the “storm” path instead of an extraordinary person in the “sun” field.
The “Saint of the Sun” did not expect that the “Undark One” on the opposite side would be so reckless and chose to fight in close combat. He was a little unable to react for a moment and could only rely on instinct to dodge to the side.
With a snap, sharp silver light burst out where he was about to step, quickly engulfing him and tearing apart his body.
The “Silver Knight” evil spirit that Lovia herded was also attacking t