light smile:

“Miss Xio, can I trust you?”
“You don’t have to worry at all.” Hudilcha smiled and made a gesture of invitation.
Just as she was taking steps to keep up with Audrey and Viscount Gray Lint, there was a sudden sound of “dang”.
Audrey looked around and saw a three-edged thorn shining with cold light lying quietly at Xiudilcha’s feet.
“”Audrey and each other looked at me and I looked at you, and at the same time they forgot to speak.
After more than ten seconds, Hudilcha quickly and nimbly squatted down, picked up the three-edged thorn, and hid it on his body.
“We must be prepared for unexpected occurrences. Some people lack enough sense and are not so easily persuaded.” Hudilcha explained seriously.
/Audrey nodded wordlessly and answered in a clear voice:
“I trust you”
“This is a prop to allow some guys to talk to us calmly.” Forsi turned his face sideways, looked at the lawn, and added next to it.
The four of them said nothing more, took a few steps forward, and knocked on the wooden door at three long and two short intervals.
With a creak, the main door slowly opened, and Audrey, who entered the audience state, saw many people sitting scattered inside. Some of them used various methods to hide their appearance, such as relying on hoods and masks, and some did not hide their appearance at all. Don’t care, bare your facial features calmly.
Almost instantly, Audrey noticed the man in black robe sitting on a single sofa.
This man also wore a hood, hiding his appearance in the shadows.
He stared at the visitors quietly, giving people a condescending feeling.
Very confident, but her eyes were disgusting. Her eyes kept moving on my body, like two slippery tentacles, trying to peel off my clothes. Audrey had keen senses, careful observation, and made a calm judgment, but she almost got sick. Goosebumps.
/At this time, Forsi introduced:
“That’s Mr. A, a powerful Beyonder, the convener of this secret gathering.”
Mr. A feels more like the code name of a criminal rather than the title of a mysterious and powerful person. It is incomparable with “The Fool”. Those who can be compared with Mr. Fool should be gods or big figures second only to gods. Audrey Niannian With a twist, he was suddenly filled with a sense of superiority.
She glanced at Mr. A calmly, lowered her voice and said to Forsi and Xiudilcha:
“Does this gentleman have any achievements?”
Viscount Graylint, who was also wearing a hooded robe next to him, was also very curious about this.
Hudilcha replied with a serious face: “There have been several such things. Sequence 8 and even Sequence 7 Beyonders have targeted Mr. A and tried to deal with him, but in the end they all disappeared without a trace.”
“What a powerful Beyonder.” Gray Lint repeated his previous introduction in admiration.
While talking, the four people entered the house, and the gatekeeper immediately closed the door.
After a little getting used to the light of the gas lamp, Audrey saw two blackboards standing in the front, with lines of words written on them.
At th