ility is still good. My Sequence 9 is called a hunter. All aspects of my physical fitness have been significantly enhanced, surpassing those of normal humans. The parts related to fighting have improved even more, and I am now Sequence 7. “

“Sequence 8, Provocateur” Klein asked casually.
He had long guessed Daniz’s extraordinary path from the fact that he was good at using fire. It was the “Red Priest” path that Russell called the “iron-blooded true man” path. Sequence 7 was called “Arsonist”, an ancient name. “Fire Mage”.
Danitz was stunned for a second, thinking that Gehrman Sparrow was doubting him, so he unconsciously raised his voice:
“Do you think I’m not good at provocation?
“No, I’m an expert on this”
Daniz threw the removed splint and straps into the trash can, moved his left arm and said:
“Generally, pirates’ provocations are insults, but I am different. I use targeted insults.
“This requires mastering a large amount of intelligence and rumors, and having enough understanding of the person you want to provoke. Only in this way can you use just one word and one action to make him lose his mind and burn his brain with anger.”
He paused for a second and said:
“Just like steel, it won’t be of any use if you call him shit, call him father, mother or captain, but as long as you make such an action and give him a word, he will definitely transform into eyes The red bull.”
After saying that, Daniz put his hands on his waist, made a “crotch-pushing” motion, and shouted with great contempt:
I really want to hit him. He is indeed the “provocateur”. Sure enough, “Steel” Maiviti has that tendency and hobby. Klein relaxed his subconsciously clenched fists.
“This is called professional provocation.” Daniz spread his hands and concluded. “If I encounter beasts, monsters, or guys who are so out of control that they can’t communicate, I can actively exude a feeling that makes them hate me. This is an extraordinary ability.”
People with this extraordinary ability are either particularly good at taking beatings, or they are particularly good at running away and dodging. Obviously, you belong to the latter group. Klein complained in his mind.
Daniz finally didn’t have to worry about the injury to his left arm, and he was in a happy mood. He thought about himself and said:
“Actually, I’m pretty good at setting traps. Unfortunately, you don’t agree with my plan to hunt Iron Maiviti.”
Klein controlled the corners of his mouth that wanted to twitch and responded calmly:
“You still have a chance.”
“What opportunity?” Daniz asked curiously.
/“An opportunity to set a trap for extraordinary beings like steel, one-on-one, I’ll introduce it to you.” Klein smiled.
“” Daniz was speechless for a moment.
He knew very well that for a guy who was not afraid of gunfire, arrows, fire, or flooding, traps were often ineffective.
Daniz laughed dryly, turned to look out the window and said:
“The weather has cleared up
“Does this mean the snake in Kawetuwa is completely dead?”
Klein said “hmm” and didn’t hide anythi