was so close to the demon purple bat in front of him that he was almost standing face to face.

The next moment, the light of the cyan handleless sword in his left hand flew out and pierced into the middle of the bloody sword wheel behind him. In an instant, the wheel was knocked away. At the same time, the waterfall sword light in Elder Shenji’s hand glowed with earthy yellow. The brilliance shot down towards the demonic purple bat with ghostly movements like a flying throw from Mount Tai.
The Taishan Sword Sect’s secret skill, “Five Master Swords”, has simple moves and hidden wonders. It has been passed down in the Taishan Sword Sect for hundreds of years and can be regarded as the first-class sword cultivation skill.
Most importantly, Zhongzheng’s ancient and simple Taishan secret skill came out. Although it is a sword skill, in the hands of Elder Shenji, it is like a secret skill of the earth system. It flies down and rocks roll down. Shen Ning’s domineering mastery is integrated into it, and the sword intention In the middle, he actually carries a majestic and majestic look like an emperor, and is full of bloody monsters that can defeat the demonic purple bat.
/In just an instant, relying on the magic of Daizong’s sword intention, the elder Shenji who took the initiative at every turn forced the “man-made slave of the sword” Demonic Purple Bat to an absolute disadvantage, almost to a desperate situation.
At the same moment, Taoist Raptor, who was fighting against a group of people by himself, was breaking through the formation and killing people like a dead man.
/Among the three Foundation Establishment Realm sword cultivators, facing the Raptor Taoist’s crazy attack that seemed to be aimed only at themselves, two of them instinctively chose to be on the defensive with their swordsmanship. Each of them had the ‘Eighteen Pans of Mount Tai’ in their hand, which vaguely complemented each other, but they were able to defend without leakage.
But for a swordsman to keep his skills flawlessly, it doesn’t seem to be considered a compliment.
Only the sword cultivator named Qing Fengzi faced the Raptor Taoist’s attack and boldly drew out his sword. Five strands of Shen Xiong’s sword force thrust out with the sword and stabbed into the Raptor Taoist’s chest, splitting the protective body and tearing it apart. Breaking the physical body, bombarding the Taoist Raptor’s Qi veins from the inside. Qingfengzi’s face changed drastically when he stabbed the Taoist Raptor’s chest with his sword, because he knew that if he stabbed an opponent whose cultivation level was higher than his own with his sword, he would inevitably face a terrible counterattack.
“What are you thinking? Attack by force and fight to the death.”
Before the last word “shi” could be uttered, dripping blood was already spat out. The Taoist Raptor approached the body, and a pair of machine-iron wings behind him even wrapped around Qingfengzi’s body. The next moment, a pair of wings suddenly appeared. Like a chainsaw, the Raptor Taoist flew up into the sky