t, the Taishan Resident Star advance team built fifteen foundations and three hundred swords were broken. The entire team was wiped out and no one survived. Among them, there were also The ancient Taoism that contains the skills of practicing swordsmanship and the meaning of “How is Daizong?”

Hearing Ding Mian’s words, Zuo Lengchan felt much better. When he was unlucky, if he found someone who was more unlucky than himself, it would undoubtedly be very helpful to calm his mood.
/However, the bad news brought by Ding Mian is not just that.
/“In addition, Huashan insiders came to report that Huashan leader Yue Buqun watched the purple energy coming from the east, and the sun rose in the east, breaking through the bottleneck of spiritual practice that had been entangled for hundreds of years. After nine years of seclusion and meditating, he broke through the elixir last month, and he and his senior brother He has also become a real person in the Golden Elixir Realm, and his skills have reached the third level of the elixir level. He is dressed in purple clouds and can match the Confucian Righteousness Technique that he has also practiced. It is very powerful and terrifying.” Ding Mian said in a solemn tone, with him With his status in Songshan, he certainly knew that this news would interfere with Senior Brother Zuo’s plans more than Zhong Zhenzhi’s death.
“Yue Buqun, after being suppressed for a hundred years, did he finally break through the barrier and achieve the golden elixir? The elixir became a third-grade elixir, but it was barely an upper-level elixir. However, after all, the Confucian sect’s skills were vaguely inconsistent with the Taoist sect’s inheritance. After all, the Huashan lineage It belongs to the Taoist sect. He has never been able to understand this truth. He relied on his cultivation to forcibly form elixirs. He succeeded by luck today, but if there is no chance in the future, he will never be able to make progress again.” Zuo Lengchan said as he stroked his beard.
The monks in the world achieve the golden elixir after soaring into the sky and walking in the void, which can also be called the fruit of the Tao. The golden elixir is divided into nine grades. The first grade is the best, the ninth grade is the worst, and the first grade is superior to the last. There is a huge difference between the upper and lower grades. .
To describe it in the most intuitive way, a cultivator who has achieved a high level of elixir formation (first, second, or third grade) can have several or even dozens of practitioners who have achieved a mid-level elixir formation (fourth, fifth, or sixth level). And a cultivator who has completed the pill formation can also defeat several or even a dozen cultivators who have completed the formation of the pill without any pressure.
Now Yue Buqun is also a Taoist and Confucianist, and after all, he still has the highest level of elixir formation. Although it is the worst third-grade golden elixir among the top-level elixirs, it is not qualitatively different from Zuo Lengc