my army.

The blame lies in the monster’s arrogance. Even though he knew that the expeditionary force was approaching, he still did not let go of the siege of Da Pest.
Dividing troops to intercept seems to take care of both, but in fact it is difficult to take care of either side.
Originally, it was a bit reluctant to besiege Da Pest with an army of 300,000 people. Now half of the army has been deployed to confront the expeditionary force. The remaining 150,000 troops have to besiege more than 100,000 defenders. It is obviously a joke.
Even though he knew he couldn’t do it, Balazs had no choice but to do it. Although the Orc Empire is co-governed by five royal families, military orders are still overwhelming on the battlefield.
The order he received was to besiege the city of Da Pest, so he must carry it out. Otherwise, even if they win the battle, they will be held accountable.
If you want autonomy, just dream!
Who said he was not a member of the five royal families?
Being able to act as commander-in-chief was because Prince Butzweig saw that he had outstanding abilities, but that was all.
Cannon fodder is still cannon fodder. The more capable you are, the faster you die.
Appointing him as acting commander seems to be Prince Butzweig’s respect for him. Who can guarantee that this is not looking for a scapegoat?
Bait is still bait, no matter how thorough the plan is, there will always be omissions.
/Once an accident occurs, someone must be held responsible. Prince Butzweig did not want to take the blame, and neither did the dignitaries of the five royal families.
Generals who can command hundreds of thousands of troops are high-end talents anywhere. Prince Butzweig could not risk his own people, so Balazs, who was born in the ape tribe, was pushed out.
Before Balaz could finish speaking, the magic crystal cannon on the city wall sounded first. Apparently the defenders on the city wall had realized that the war was about to break out, and they also launched an attack on the orc army.
The heavy infantryman walking at the front of the team suddenly fell into a hidden pit and let out a scream.
Seeing this scene, Hudson frowned slightly. It was obvious that the enemy was well prepared, and the commander on the opposite side was not the tough-minded person he had encountered before.
“Earth magician, use magic to fill the enemy’s trap!” While giving the order, Hudson also silently joined the team of magicians. Of course, the main force behind the move was Bear Stearns.
/The distance to the left and right of the enemy’s position is only 180 meters. Even if there are traps, there won’t be many. It is not difficult to destroy these obstacles.
If there were traps like this along the way, there would be nothing we could do. Even if the magicians are exhausted, they can’t fill it all.
The brief delay did not affect the continuation of the war. The hand-to-hand battle soon began.
The senior officials of the Moxi Principality who were standing on the city wall watching the battle were all staring nervously at th