d calmly, “Its code name is 142.”

“142” “1” level sealed objects are highly dangerous and can be used on a limited basis. Even Backlund Parish can only save one or two items. A corresponding description flashed through Klein’s mind and he asked with interest:
“What kind of item is it and what are its abilities and negative effects”
Essinger smiled and said:
“This is the secret of the Church of the Night Goddess. I don’t know it. I only know that it was not in Backlund originally, but it was sent here urgently because of the serial murder case.
“It is said that it is a silver full-body armor stained with small pieces of dried dark red blood. It once directly led to the destruction of a small city, and more than 100,000 people died because of it.”
“Curse Armor” Klein asked rhetorically using naming.
Essinger blew out the smoke, shook his head solemnly and said:
“Maybe it’s not a curse. Some people call it crazy armor, bloodthirsty armor. We in the church have speculated that the blood stained on its surface may come from gods from older eras.
“When it was first discovered, there was nothing unusual about it. It was just treated as a simple antique, sold and collected.
“But as time went by, those who had come into contact with it died one after another. The death was extremely horrific, and they were almost dismembered. Then, with it as the center, death spread outwards, no longer needing contact, and a small town was destroyed.
He is worthy of being an extraordinary person of the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. He knows enough history and extraordinary events. Klein secretly praised him.
Kaslana asked worriedly:
“Will it put us in danger?”
“The Church of the Goddess of Night must have found the right sealing method, but as far as we are concerned, if we can avoid contact, we should try not to contact it.” Essinger said with half relief and half reminder.
After breakfast, Klein and he entered the living room where the battle had taken place before, while Kaslana went to the bathroom first.
Looking at her back, Klein said thoughtfully:
“She seems to be the extraordinary person on the Arbitrator pathway”
/“Your observation skills are indeed outstanding.” Essinger sat on the easy chair.
Klein walked towards the single sofa and whispered in confusion:
“This path is strictly controlled by the royal family, the military and the ancient nobles. There are few formulas and materials available from the outside world. Kaslana has this background.”
Essinger smiled and said:
“But to this extent, she didn’t take the initiative to mention the corresponding matters, which shows that there are indeed some reasons why it is inconvenient to talk about it.”
He looked at Klein with a smile in his eyes, and the implication behind his words seemed to be saying, aren’t you the same?
Klein laughed dryly and sat down.
After waiting for a while, Kaslana came to the living room and continued to discuss the “Apostle of Desire” with Klein and Essinger.
As she was talking like this, her expression sud