blue ones.

blue ones.
“Since we have established a team, I think it would be better to have a captain to provide unified command. Otherwise, we will inevitably be in a hurry when playing the dungeon. What do you think?” Xiao Ru asked everyone.
“Well, I support your proposal. You should be the captain. I think it’s quite suitable.” Li Ridong answered Xiao Rushi.
“I may not be suitable. If the rest of you want to be the captain, I can let you go.” Xiao Ru said modestly.
“It’s okay, you can be the one.”
Others obviously have no ambitions towards this so-called captain. Naturally, if someone is willing to be the captain, let him be the one. Anyway, if it doesn’t threaten your own interests, let the captain do whatever he wants. It will definitely not work if it comes to your own interests.
“Well, the six of us players are all of high quality. There are no insidious or cunning people, and there are no people who deliberately cause trouble. Our dungeon mission this time will definitely be very enjoyable!” Xiao Rushi seemed to be very happy with his success. The captain looked very happy.
/“Yes, yes! All brothers are the best among players, and cooperation will be very beneficial to each other. This will definitely be a very pleasant cooperation!” Zheng Xiaoyi smiled and agreed with Xiao Rushi’s statement.
“Since I am the captain, I have some things to coordinate now, and I ask for your cooperation. Of course, if you find it inconvenient, I will not force it. I have only one purpose, so that everyone can successfully complete this dungeon mission.” Xiao So he continued to speak to everyone.
It seems that Xiao Ru is a very experienced player and knows the importance of unified command when doing dungeon missions and fighting BOSS.
/“Brother Xiao, if you have any questions, we will try our best to cooperate with you.” Zheng Xiaoyi expressed her attitude to Xiao Ru. Since Xiao Ru is already the captain, in her opinion, she will definitely not suffer any loss if she follows the captain’s command. .
“Thank you sister Xiao Yi for your support.” Although Xiao Rushi didn’t look as lustful as Li Ridong, he didn’t seem to reject Zheng Xiaoyi’s sweet words.
“Brother Xiao, you’re welcome.” The smile on Zheng Xiaoyi’s face became even sweeter.
“Everyone, if you have purple weapons and armor, you have to take them out now. It’s okay to change weapons during battle, but it’s not that convenient to change armor chips. When the time comes, you won’t be able to fight because the armor can’t keep up. It’s not good if you can’t get rewards for winning the BOSS.” Xiao Ru said a few words to everyone.
“How can there be so many purple armors? It was so easy for me to get two pieces of purple armor from my family. If I have purple armor and don’t wear it now, wouldn’t I be asking for trouble? When the time comes, When you meet the BOSS, it’s too late to change.” Jiang Shujun answered Xiao Rushi.
“Yes! I’m so pitiful! I have only saved one piece of purple armor until now. Do any brothers have enough purple armor to give one or t