s, and mobilize all owners to let them Pay attention to the movements of the evil spirit and the abnormal behavior of the people around you.

s, and mobilize all owners to let them Pay attention to the movements of the evil spirit and the abnormal behavior of the people around you.
Let this evil spirit be trapped in the vast sea of ??people’s war, and its every move is under the surveillance of the owners. It will not be easy for it to possess and endanger the safety of these owners, right?
After discussing with Chu Xiao and Yu Wanzhong, they both supported Liu Qian’s point of view, so the three of them went to the property department together, found Xu Zhilong, and submitted the suggestion.
Xu Zhilong was also worried that he would not be able to discover in time the residents of the community who were possessed by evil spirits, and would not be able to cooperate with Father Liu Zhigu’s exorcism ritual.
So he was very happy after hearing this idea, and immediately arranged for people from the property department to set up a stage, write copywriting, and go out to print various promotional materials, and promoted it in the community with great fanfare.
Because there were two consecutive tragedies in the community, this kind of publicity still received the cooperation of most of the property owners in the community. However, some owners thought that the property department was messing around, and expressed strong protest to the property department and even threatened not to pay property fees in the future. Go to the government department and file a lawsuit with the Property Department or something like that.
Liu Qian secretly wrote down the list of these owners, especially those who reacted fiercely. Players from the evil camp are likely to be among these people, because the action of killing evil spirits is what they are most opposed to, and it is likely to cause them to Mission failure.
At noon.
“The hostess of Room 202, Unit 3, Building 4, asked us to come over and said that she has information about evil spirits. You can arrange for Xiao Liu and Xiao Chu to go and have a look.” Xu Zhilong called Yu Wanzhong.
“Okay.” Yu Wanzhong agreed and told Chu Xiao and Liu Gan about the matter.
“Now the matter of destroying ghosts is under our control?” Chu Xiao looked unhappy.
“Manager Xu has already increased his allowance, stop complaining!” Yu Wanzhong touched Chu Xiao’s head.
Chu Xiao was just complaining out of habit. After Yu Wanzhong said it, of course he followed Liu Qian to the house in Building 4.
“Sister, what happened at home?” Chu Xiao asked the hostess of Room 202 after entering the door.
“It’s my child.” The hostess pulled Liu Qian and Chu Xiao aside and looked at an eleven or twelve-year-old boy in the room from a distance.
/“What’s wrong with him?” Chu Xiao asked the hostess.
“He used to be very well-behaved, but in the past few days, he has obviously been a little unusual. He throws things around, says some weird things, and doesn’t eat any other food. He only eats various soy products, tofu, dried tofu, yuba and the like. , He would sometimes whisper to me that he saw a female ghost in white at home when he got up at