ately, this is an era of mysterious scarcity, and many extraordinary materials rarely appear again.”

Yes, but I have Mr. “The Hanged Man” who knows the coordinates of some primitive islands, and my “Sun” classmates from Silver City who are always fighting against various monsters in the depths of darkness. I can rely on them for some extraordinary materials. Klein half stood up politely. , and saluted the old gentleman “Eye of Wisdom”:
“Your character is admirable.”
After sitting down again, Klein suddenly remembered something and asked thoughtfully:
“Two gentlemen, do you have any magical items like the one Black Snake sold me, but don’t have too serious or negative problems. I want to have some self-protection ability.”
What he planned was to first find something he was interested in, figure out the price, and then determine his target accordingly.
Although I don’t have money now, doesn’t it mean that I can’t ask for the price if I don’t have money in the future? Klein silently added in his heart.
The pharmacist spread his hands and indicated that he didn’t have any or that he wouldn’t sell it if he had it. The old man “Eye of Wisdom” chuckled and said:
“I do have some. I don’t know what kind you want to buy. Give me a rough range.”
There are some who mostly rely on external objects. The Extraordinary Klein said without hiding his envy:
“Those who are stronger than myself should not improve their fighting skills. They should have magical abilities.”
He didn’t go into too much detail to maintain his image as a newcomer.
“Eye of Wisdom” smiled and said:
“I have an item that perfectly suits your requirements. Its former codename was 2081.”
“2081” Klein asked in confusion.
His doubts were just a disguise on the surface, and he was more shocked inside.
This is a sealed item that flowed out from the Church of the Goddess and from behind the Chanis Gate. Klein did not expect to encounter a familiar digital code name here.
“Eye of Wisdom” explained a few words casually:
“Many magical items have obvious hidden dangers and will cause certain harm. Therefore, the churches of the seven orthodox gods are collecting and sealing them. They are called sealed objects and distinguished by numerical codes.”
“After a long period of disputes and exchanges, the Seven Gods Church formed a unified nomenclature, using 0, 1, 2, and 3 to identify different danger levels. Among them, level 0 is the most dangerous and is said to be some terrible things that can destroy the country or even the world. thing.”
“The churches of the seven orthodox gods will inform each other on level 0 and level 1 sealed objects, telling each other what they have. Therefore, the code names of level 0 and level 1 will not be repeated, while level 2 and level 3 will be ranked separately. Different churches may have the same code name.”
Klein has long known the general situation within the Nighthawks, but he is very puzzled by one of the issues:
“Tell each other the code names of your level 0 and level 1 sealed objects”
/Doesn’t this reveal the