From now on, in the eyes of disciples, there should no longer be such troubles of dust, immersed in latent cultivation, only the Tao and the Dharma. As for all kinds of background, no matter the circumstances, they will plow deeply on the road to eternal life. In the future, they will reach the same destination through different paths. There should be something special about it. statement. ”
When he heard this, the head monk’s face suddenly burst into a bright smile.
“Look! What kind of state of mind is this! In the past, when Pindao was of your age and cultivation level, he was still immersed in the sensuality of dogs and horses all day long. He was really not in the same state of mind as you!
Judging from the true meaning of what you said, I feel that all the efforts made by the sect are worth it!
/There is a successor to our sect! ”
Just as he was saying this, the face of the headmaster of the Huanghua Sect suddenly changed. As he looked towards the sky, Zhang Duyou could vaguely tell that what the headmaster monk was looking at from a distance was the old Chu. The place where Weiyang Naling Floating Island Taoist Temple is located.
At this time, the original smile on the face of the great monk became more and more prosperous, but then, I don’t know what he thought of, the smile on the face of the great monk suddenly diminished, and finally, he was deep in thought. stand up.
“Looking at it this way, the return gift is actually a bit thin.
After all, it is the Holy Sect, a line of destiny that lasts for eternity! ”
Accompanied by the emotion of the great monk of the Huanghua Sect.
Far in the sky.
In the sky above the calm sea area where Chu Weiyang’s ashram used to be, a five-color aura suddenly rushed out of the sea. When the aura was at its peak, Chu Weiyang and Qi Feiqiong appeared from the aura together.
And almost at the moment Chu Weiyang and Qi Feiqiong appeared, one after another monks who had been lingering nearby came to look at them.
Relying on the “clues” left by Chu Weiyang, they became more and more convinced that Chu Weiyang just hid his dojo in the same place.
Although this method is too weird, the Five Elements Escape Technique mastered by Chu Weiyang is already the only one in the world, and the person who masters such a sophisticated method is also proficient in the way of talisman formation. If he wants to master it, even if he masters it, The method is a bit strange, but it is still logical.
/In fact, the reason why Chu Weiyang chose to show his body here was to further conceal the true location of his dojo cave.
As the former dojo turned into a cave and disappeared from here, due to the withdrawal of the seafloor earth veins and the rumbling vibrations of the past changes, many gaps and caves were naturally born in the deep seafloor.
Just like what he had done near Daocheng in the past, Chu Weiyang also effectively integrated a shell treasure with the overlapping gaps and caves on the seabed using earth master’s techniques.
He plans to use this place as his “portal” for lon