ou have? This is not the formation that should be caused to move the Dharma Array through the air. At first, I thought it was some ghostly evil cultivator who was plotting something secretly. Count me in Baihualou! Who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, senior brother would have such amazing achievements in the Xumi Way that I have cultivated?”

Seeing this, Shi Yuting would always use her serious but gentle tone to say words that could almost melt people’s hearts.
This is Baihualou’s magic trick that Chu Weiyang can’t resist sometimes.
But this time, before Shi Yuting could continue to say anything, her expression suddenly changed, and she felt the afterglow of the secret technique performed by the great monk still lingering in the air.
“Senior brother, did you attract any evil spirits?”
While he was asking attentively, Shi Yuting had already put out the lotus seal with his hands. In an instant, the Sumeru storm that was about to dissipate began to rise again. Suddenly, the colorful spiritual light of the hundreds of flowers condensed in it, and suddenly hung in the sky. On the dome of the quiet room.
While the canopy of flowers was shining, everything in the world was isolated in the other world.
At the same time, Shi Yuting’s handprints spread out, and his slender jade hand like mutton-fat white jade was raised, and he swiped it in front of Chu Weiyang. With a weak move, he pinched a wisp of gray five-color smoke At the fingertips.
/Shi Yuting raised his eyebrows.
“Huh? It’s the Five Elements Sect!”
As a monk who truly stands at the pinnacle of the elixir realm, and who is currently in his own treasure of enlightenment, what he exerts is the power of Sumeru in some areas that far exceeds the magical effects of the realm itself.
Such a Shi Yuting can still handle the aftertaste of the secret technique performed by a monk in the golden elixir realm relatively easily.
On the one hand, it is progressing step by step, standing on the irrefutable peak; on the other hand, it is weakening step by step, and ultimately it is not good luck before the five waves.
When he saw with his own eyes the plume of five-color smoke that was being “handled” by those slender fingers that were like mutton-fat white jade, at first Chu Weiyang felt that these were the most critical moments in his performance. A cold feeling in the heart of impending disaster.
But soon, the pocket version of Baihua Shaqi at Shi Yuting’s fingertips turned into strands of dark golden filaments, and then the supreme magic circle overlapped layer by layer, turning into small colorful balls full of colorful spiritual light.
Chu Weiyang thought that after those few moments passed, the most important danger had been eliminated, and he would have enough room to move around.
/Looking at it now, Chu Weiyang still oversimplified the secret method of a great monk in the Golden Core Realm and the foundation of a sect.
Even though it was a foregone conclusion that Chu Weiyang mastered the Five Elements Escape Technique from that moment on, like