as long as he took a photo of anyone, even if Liu Mei “bubbled” Tang Wei like this, the last shot would be enough. The king of the field faced off against Guo Rongjin, and the victory was guaranteed.

Tang Wei was not worried at all, because he knew that Wang Meng was also a smart man. If Wang Meng were replaced by someone else, that person would end up like Huang Feng.
If Wang Meng has an obvious weakness, it is his emphasis on emotions, but this is what practitioners least need.
Others are also whispering about who Lei Guangtang will send, but Yang Yingming has no doubts at all, because they are also familiar with Wang Meng. There may be many incredible things about this person, but one thing is that he is indeed easy to judge. .
Wang Meng went up, Tang Wei knew it, and he also knew that it seemed like this was the fourth battle, but in fact it was the last battle.
It’s just that everyone else is wrong about one thing. Although Wang Meng needs to win, he doesn’t need to be timid.
/When Wang Meng walked to the fighting stage, the audience burst into the strongest cheers. Today’s strongest battle was finally about to begin.
Who is stronger, Wang Mengqiang who creates miracles one after another, or Tang Wei, the overlord of Hengshan Hall?
The two stood on the Hengshan fighting stage. When Lei Guangtang came here, this was also a destined battle.
“I never thought that Lei Guangtang would reach this point one day.”
“This day has passed quickly, and Lei Guangtang will continue to go on.”
“It’s the end here!”
Tang Wei raised his giant sword, “Please!”
Tap tap tap
Tang Wei dragged his sword to kill Wang Meng. The sword suddenly swung out, as fast as lightning, and struck Wang Meng with a sword wind.
Rub rub rub rub
The ground exploded layer by layer, terrifying!
The power of one strike is much more powerful than the seismic wave of steel.
Wang Meng dodged over, and Tang Wei’s horse-killing sword flashed with light. Such a huge weapon could be used extremely flexibly.
With one horizontal blow, Wang Meng disappeared. By the time Tang Wei reacted, Wang Meng had already rushed over with his sword.
/With a hard blow, Wang Meng’s body flew up, and Tang Wei also took a few steps back. He finally understood the power of Wang Meng’s instant explosion.
It’s obvious that Yuan Li, who is only at the fifteenth level, can be used so well. This kind of proficiency is indeed very powerful. Unfortunately, it would be too naive to defeat him just based on this.
Tang Wei leaned back slightly, holding the sword with both hands, and took a sudden step to kill~~~~~~~
The sword in his hand slashed at Wang Meng at high frequency. This was a quick-kill sword technique that could not be avoided. It chopped up the surrounding area in an instant, and the only thing he could do was to retreat.
Despite this, Wang Meng’s chest was still chopped open with numerous holes.
Tang Wei continued to step forward, with every step carrying an overbearing aura, while simultaneously slashing out with his sab