definitely quite tyrannical. In the Holy Church, it is only regarded as a relatively special ability, but in the Cultivation Academy, you can see the essence from the ability, and you know that Ma Tianer is the strongest The place.

He Zui and Mu Ziqing were also surprised. Ma Tianer seemed to have an average relationship with Wang Meng, but at this time, he always spoke to Wang Meng. The two of them didn’t pay attention. They just thought that Ma Tianer was a kind person, no matter who he treated. All like this.
“Junior sister Ma, there are no rules without rules. Let’s see how he performs tomorrow. If he can pass the test, we won’t say anything. But if he drags the backstage of the temple, we really have to think of a way. The days to come are still long, and we can’t His piece of stinky meat ruined the whole pot of soup!”
Mu Ziqing said, Ma Tian’er is very kind, Mu Ziqing and He Zui are mature characters, and they quickly grasped her character. When it’s time to show off as a senior brother, you will never be polite.
As expected, Ma Tian’er didn’t refute, and the others couldn’t help. Li Tianyi was thinking about the pair of curved sword energy and was not interested in other things, while Tang Wei kept eating.
At this time, “Stinky Meat” was all unshaven. During this period of time, he was really working extremely hard, almost like a little bee, and he was fighting countless battles in his mind.
/It was finally time to breathe some air. Wang Meng saw the reminders in the star ring one by one.
One of them turned out to be Ma Tianer’s, which was really surprising.
Wang Meng input a source of energy, and Ma Tianer’s image appeared.
“Ma Tian’er” seemed to be hesitant to speak, “Senior brother, are you okay? Tomorrow is the college test, don’t forget it.”
The image faded, dissipated.
Wang Meng couldn’t help but smile. Yes, tomorrow is the time for the academy test. Of course he knew, otherwise he would really not want to come out. His recent practice status has been very good. Wang Meng has never been so hungry to replenish his spells, but it has been so long. In time, he only got to know sword cultivation. After finishing sword cultivation, Wang Meng will also need to understand other methods. There is a saying in the Cultivation Academy that is very reasonable. No matter sword cultivation, talisman cultivation, bow cultivation, body cultivation, or holy cultivation, , demons, and evil are all just ways to pursue power.
Wang Meng aspired to the Holy Temple, and obtained the godhead of an evil cultivator, so he did not have any constraints. He was born in the mortal world, and he was not as obsessed as ordinary cultivators born in the Xiaoqian world.
He has no constraints.
Battle space.
Wang Meng needs to fill in his holes and warm up for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what type of test he will take tomorrow.
When that sudden and anonymous person appeared on the preparation list, the entire battle space seemed to pause. Originally, the atmosphere was cautious and depressing, but in an instant, the cultivato