Wang Meng himself, and there was nothing false about his weapon-refining skills.

This night was a sleepless night for many people.
Before the banquet was over, the news had already spread throughout Haojing.
When Wang Shifeng heard the news, he almost choked himself to death.
Holy Church, a super sect hidden in Tongtian Continent.
That night, all the family heads began to ask those around them who had contact with Wang Meng, how could they be so ignorant and blind to Taishan?
In fact, if you think about it, considering all the signs, Wang Meng has shown that he is extraordinary, and nothing is extraordinary.
Without enough realm, how can the Dionysian be defeated?
However, he stubbornly explained that this was just the Tao of Wine. You must know that any Tao has its own realm, and the God of Dionysus himself is a master of the realm of transformation.
In the palace, Ji Ruyan lowered her head and faced an angry Ji Xuanyuan.
(Long live the Holy Church, everyone is really fierce and powerful, thank you, mighty, let it be more fierce!!!)
Seven hundred and thirty-seven, come back, everyone in the church!
“So you already knew it!” Ji Xuanyuan was naturally very angry. What a good opportunity it was, but it turned out that
Ji Ruyan nodded, “He has demonstrated alchemy skills above the grandmaster level in the Alchemy Alliance.”
Ji Xuanyuan looked up to the sky and sighed. According to the information obtained so far, Wang Meng was knowledgeable in alchemy, weapon refining, and desire spirits, and his realm was extraordinary.
Such a perfect marriage was missed like this.
“Ji Ruyan never thought that one day, the person despised by everyone would become Xiangmomo, and she would suddenly no longer be worthy of him?
A variety of emotions filled Ji Ruyan, making her mind confused and giving her a crazy and unreal feeling.
Ji Xuanyuan looked at Ji Ruyan and could only sigh, “Go down and don’t go out in the near future.”
Ji Ruyan held back her tears and left. Looking at the imperial sister who was crying and leaving, Ji Jin’er didn’t know what to say. She was about to leave quietly, but was stopped by Ji Xuanyuan.
The little princess knew that her father was very angry, so it was best to be obedient at times like this. “”Look, “I heard that you have a share in Jiugui Liquor?” Ji Xuanyuan said.
Ji Jin’er was shocked as she discovered all this, “Father, I was wrong, I will withdraw immediately.”
Ji Xuanyuan couldn’t help but laugh, “Why don’t you retreat? You did a good job. I didn’t expect that the most discerning person in my Ji family is you. You did a great job!”
Ji Jin’er was stunned for a moment, seemed to be praising her?
“Are you familiar with Wang Meng?” Ji Xuanyuan needed to find out.
“It’s not bad, this guy is weird and has a lot of secrets, but he’s still quite fun.”
“Don’t talk nonsense. He is the sect leader of Thunder God and his status is respected. You should pay more attention in the future.”
/Ji Xuanyuan smiled and said that her daughter was also a different kind. She could get along with