t hide anything and briefly recounted some of the things he had done when he was a pirate and the owner of the Sweet Leaf Bar, including the process of plundering a passenger ship, insulting female passengers, killing innocent people, including kidnapping the opponent’s body in order to attack his competitors. family, and set up an ambush to sink the whole family to the bottom of the sea.

After listening quietly, Klein slowly raised the corners of his mouth, clapped his left palm with his right hand and said:
/“What a competent pirate and qualified gang boss.”
Amidst the praise, he stretched out his left palm, and the thin human skin split into a ferocious mouth.
A scream suddenly echoed in the underground area, but it only lasted for a few seconds and then stopped abruptly, leaving only the faint sound.
Klein sat on a chair and quietly watched the bright spots of light slowly gathering in front of him.
Around him, the gangsters who were so frightened that they could only huddle up instinctively stayed away from him, leaving traces of filth on the ground.
After a while, Klein stood up slowly, bent down and picked up the ball of pure light that looked like a baby’s fist, as well as the wallet in Ozil’s clothing.
After taking a look at the thickness of the banknotes, he put away the two items, put away the revolver, took off his half-high silk top hat, and saluted the trembling gangsters who had hid in the corner.
After doing all this, Klein checked the underground area. Unfortunately, he found no safe or other items, so he had to return to the passage, pick up the body of “Blark Talker” Misolkin, and walk to the entrance.
He stayed for two seconds, and naturally outlined the scene outside in his mind, and found that the guards who originally thought they would try to open the door, but who came in to rescue him, had already disappeared.
The “Longwei” just now made them understand that this was a battle between extraordinary people, so they retreated. It is indeed an area where pirates are rampant, and some ordinary people also have the opportunity to understand the extraordinary people. It seems that similar things often happen here. A wanted criminal is “punished on behalf of others” The “criminals” raided to arrest Klein, untied the chain, touched Misool’s pocket, and transferred the other party’s cash to themselves.
Resisting the urge to collect points, he lit the paper figurine, shook it out, opened the entrance door, and walked out with Misool’s body.
At this time, most of the drinkers had dispersed, leaving only seven or eight people hiding in different places waiting for the results.
Klein looked around expressionlessly, and looked away hastily.
The only one who dared to look at him was Uskent. The military liaison officer frowned and watched Gehrman Sparrow slowly coming over carrying a corpse.
The corpse flew in front of him and knocked over a table.
Uskent took a closer look, and his pupils suddenly shrank.
Misorgin, the third officer of “Lieutenant General Disease”, Misorgin, raised h