Master Ning Qing’s eyes twitched: “We? There are six words in total for desolation, sorrow, cruelty, and violence, but one Qi Qi can transform three pure beings into only three people. Where are the remaining three? Could it be?”

Young Master Ning Qing looked at Xu Ying in green, yellow and white clothes beside Xu Ying, and said silently in his heart: “Among these three promises, the words “desolation”, “sadness” and “mourning” are not included, right? If that is the case, then Xu Ying will What is left in Ying’s body should be cruelty, violence, and cruelty.”
/Wouldn’t that be more powerful?
Desolation, waste, and ignorance. Shang, early death, premature death. Sadness, sadness and pain.
/Brutal, greedy and fierce. Violent, vicious and cruel. Cruel, cruel and cunning.
Obviously, the negative aspects of the first three words are combined into one, and the negative state is very great. You will cry, cry, and be confused at every turn, and you will be easily beaten to death.
But the last three words are insidious, cunning, ferocious and cruel, and you won’t be merciful when you start using them.
“He’s really going to beat me to death!”
Young Master Ning Qing was frightened, but on the surface he remained calm and said, “We will fight again after I sacrifice the Jade Plate of Returning to the Path and recover.”
Xu Ying agreed.
Young Master Ning Qing urged the return jade plate, and while recovering, he secretly looked at Xu Ying’s three heaven and earth souls. I saw Xu Ying in white who was always sighing, Xu Ying in yellow sitting on the ground like a sick child, and Xu Ying in green looking like the second fool of Yuan Jun’s family!
He had seen Yuanjun’s second-idiot son, who was in exactly the same state as Qingyi Xu Ying’s current state.
Young Master Ning Qing’s veins were running wildly on his forehead: “The three-character curse left in Xu Ying’s body is indeed cruel, violent, and cruel!”
“Are you ready?” Xu Ying said with a fierce look on his face.
Young Master Ning Qing responded casually: “Right away, right away.”
His eyes were darting around, looking around for opportunities.
When Xu Ying saw this, he was suspicious and his eyes looked fierce.
Suddenly, Master Ning Qing thought: “I have practiced the Da Dong Creation Gui Yuan Jing, and my cultivation skills are only above him, not below him, so why should I be afraid of him?”
He suddenly burst out with momentum, twisted his waist and turned around, moving his palms forward and back, and the Taoist magic was moving. The big hole behind him looked up to the sky, and it was like a circle behind him cut through the infinite void, revealing another world!
This is the Great Cave Creation Guiyuan Sutra. The Great Cave looks like the other side of the world, but in fact it is the immortal Taoist temple imprinted in the void by the Supreme Heaven and Earth Taoism!
When Mr. Ning Qing’s skills were running, he received the blessing of the supreme Taoist law, and created a stroke of yin and yang. One palm was yin and the other was yang.
Yang is the v