imperial court was in dire straits and was unable to save the day, so they thought of you. For the sake of the country, you led an army of 100,000 tigers and wolves to the battlefield with a weak body as a civil servant. Maybe you were born to know soldiers. In just two or three years, you put down the rebellion that had been recurring in this place for hundreds of years.

That year you were not yet old enough to know your destiny.
They have started calling you a sage!
But just after the rebellion was put down on the front foot, there was another disturbance in the court, and the feudal king rebelled. You worked non-stop, and in just a few months, you suppressed the feudal king’s rebellion again.
You have also been promoted, but your achievements have shocked the court, the emperor is jealous, and many civil and military ministers are jealous of your holy family and secretly slander you.
/Your heart became clearer and clearer, and you couldn’t bear to see the intrigues in the court, so you resigned from your official position and left.
When you were sixty years old, another rebellion broke out in the local area. You went to the bandit’s stronghold alone, and the bandit’s head fell in the wind.
And that year you also felt that your body was not as good as before, so you began to understand the method of spiritual practice and gradually distanced yourself from the world.
Then the year your master passed away, that year you also said goodbye to your wife, the young master, and us, and followed the Taoist to travel far away.
That year the emperor also sent people to try to recover you, but you just left a few words.
Zhang Jian searched for it several times, but he still couldn’t find where the last sentence was!
Glancing at the last part of the page that was obviously missing, he laughed inwardly.
I am afraid that this last sentence will be removed because it is greatly detrimental to the current rulers.
Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence that he was eaten by a mouse?
Although Zhang Jian wants to achieve the Three Immortals, he will not follow the old path of the Jade Sage.
The Jade Sage has his own path, and he also has his own path.
Zhang Jian is currently lecturing, and is also systematically sorting out his thoughts and findings, and realizing his own academic propositions.
He also wanted to educate living beings, but Zhang Jian was not willing to follow the trend and passively accept the changes brought about by the court structure.
In addition, even if he wants to become a sage, he will not be a sage of a certain dynasty or a certain generation, but a sage of the human race.
As for Emperor Jingwu’s intentions when he sent someone to send this biography of the Jade Sage, Zhang Jian had a rough idea. There were several indications that the court was showing goodwill to him, and it was obvious that it would help him complete his journey to becoming a sage.
At the same time, there is no hint of beating in advance.
Zhang Jian quickly forgot about it.
When returning to the mansion, Zhang