obtain God’s gift without difficulty.

But now there seems to be big trouble on the 31st floor. Strong red and yellow lights appear on the entire 31st floor.
Wang Meng could feel the attack from the God-Selfing Tower, which seemed to be trying to suppress him, but this power seemed too weak.
Seven hundred and eighteen, destroy the tower
The power of the God Conferred Tower also increases in stages, becoming more powerful as it goes up. The power at this level puts no pressure on the current Wang Meng at all.
/The world was decomposed in Wang Meng’s eyes. Because it was a borrowed spirit, Phoenix and the Earth Dragon Beast Emperor could also feel it clearly. This was not a separate space, but it was sealed. However, this seal included heaven and earth. A huge barrier isolated them, and in the center of the barrier, a little light bound them all. This node was the node on the thirty-first floor of the God Conferred Tower.
Wang Meng’s right hand gradually formed a sword, and powerful power formed between his hands.
——Shatter the sky and split the earth!
After analyzing the entire level, Wang Meng slashed into the void with a sword. This sword cut through the space and disguise, and slashed towards the node.
/rumble rumble
With the explosive sound of the earth shaking, the realm of dialysis suddenly collapsed. Wang Meng and the two divine beasts were withdrawn at the same time, and the spiritual borrowing was also forcibly interrupted.
The world is falling apart.
To be precise, the Conferred God Tower’s restraint on the world is collapsing, and the Phoenix and the Earth Dragon Beast Emperor are going home.
Once he lost the power of borrowing spirits, Wang Meng suddenly became weak. Grandma, you should save some energy to do good things. Now he is going to be squeezed out of the space. Normally, it is okay if the order is stable, but now it is dangerous. .
“Human, thank you for your help!”
A drop of blood-red liquid flew out of the phoenix’s flame and fell into Wang Meng’s mouth.
A warmth burns from the sea of ??life, and a steady stream of power is generated.
This is the rebirth power of the Phoenix!
That is the essence of Phoenix Nirvana, which can only be obtained by receiving great grace. You can get it from the Phoenix, otherwise even if you can kill the Phoenix, it will be of no use.
But all this is limited to legend. Because Phoenix doesn’t need help at all. Secondly, Phoenix’s difficulties cannot be helped by external forces.
For the Phoenix, giving Phoenix blood to others will also be a loss to itself. It takes at least six hundred years to restore a drop of Phoenix blood. This is the ultimate gift.
This was something that even Mr. Wang himself had not expected.
But it wasn’t over yet, 10% was wrapped in the flames of the phoenix. But there was no pain. The Phoenix was reborn from the ashes, mastering the rarest and most unique birth of fire.
During this training, Chirongniao was completing changes that it could never have dreamed of, and at this time, the divinity existing in Jiuzhe’s body