ianzun showed his surprise. Although he had bad intentions during this trip, he had not shown it yet. He was a guest from afar, and he was shunned by Tongtian as soon as he entered. This is the fault of the host.

“But you two know what’s going on. Pindao is known to be outspoken and will not wrongly accuse good people casually.”
Qi Li Jing knew how to stir up fire. He ignored Yuanshi Tianzun and only said to Lao Tzu: “Senior brother, listen to Pindao’s words and hurry back to Bajing Palace to burn the boiler. This catastrophe is too dangerous, so you ended up hastily. , I may not be able to protect my reputation in my lifetime!”
/I looked calm and calm, lowered my eyes and said nothing.
He showed his attitude without moving a single step. If there was no success today, he would never leave.
“Junior Brother Tongtian, since you mentioned the Great Tribulation, you should know that Xiqi complied with the destiny. You appointed King Zhou as the second leader of Jie Jiao, and forcibly tied the Jie Jiao and Yin Shang’s luck together. You ignored the destiny and prospered the Zhou Dynasty. This is your own fault. The path to destruction.”
Yuanshi Tianzun and I are old partners. Knowing that the elder brother can’t beat a fart with three sticks, he suppressed the anger of being ignored by Tongtian and took over the topic abruptly.
“That’s wrong. The Human King can be the second leader of Jie Jiao because he has vast supernatural powers and strong abilities. All his disciples are sincerely convinced, not because he is supported by poor Taoists. His face is something he stole from himself, not given by others.”
/Abandoned the Sutra and said a few strange words, and then said with a smile: “Besides, this fate will bring prosperity to the Zhou Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, you should not talk about big principles in front of the poor Taoist. Without the intervention of saints like you, the king of Yin and the Shang Dynasty will be as solid as a rock. Who else in the world will Can it subvert his divine weapon?”
“In the final analysis, the so-called destiny is just an excuse you talk about!”
Explain the teaching, explain the way of heaven, and follow the way of heaven.
Intercepting teachings means intercepting a glimmer of vitality. This vitality is the foundation for settling down and establishing a life, and the foundation of all kinds of opportunities.
They both live under the way of heaven, and they also follow the destiny of heaven. There is an absolute difference in the emphasis between Yuanshi Tianzun and Tongtian Cult Master.
As the leader of the Tongtian Cult in the Fengshen World, Qi Li Jing strongly agrees with the teachings of the Jie Jiao, but disdains the Chan Jiao.
Yuanshi Tianzun does have extraordinary magical powers, but his teaching is too weak. He mainly wants to sit under a big tree to enjoy the shade. He has expressed God’s will like this, and he has laid down and let God arrange it. They who are invincible in this life should stop struggling and wait for the big tree. When Tianzun returns, just