her to be quiet for a while.

Ma Tianer was stunned, “Is this okay?”
/“What’s this?”
“You don’t care about her.” Ma Tian’er obviously thought that Wang Meng and Linglong were in that kind of relationship. She was from one of the four major families in the Holy Temple. Many families have multiple partners, which is basically a symbol of a strong person.
Wang Meng was stunned for a moment, and then he realized, “It’s not that kind of relationship. She is really my friend’s daughter. How can I be so popular?”
Penetration of the influence of Four Hundred and Ten
Ma Tianer smiled slightly. Although she didn’t really believe it, Wang Meng told her everything and trusted her, which made her very happy.
There are quite a few monks who are interested in Linglong. In terms of appearance, the dragon princess is impeccable, especially her slender breasts, which are unmatched by human women. Her skin is crystal clear and white, coupled with her elegant and arrogant temperament, she is the most attractive person present. The monks aroused the desire to conquer.
The coldness that comes from the bottom is the most challenging thing in this place.
It’s just that Lin Jinghao and Ji Wanli are both too strong, and this time they have a vague aura, which directly implies that other people who are not of this level should step aside and not join in the fun.
What Ji Wanli is most worried about is what relationship Wang Meng has with Linglong. Although he is not sure where Linglong comes from, he is definitely extraordinary. You can tell by looking at Lin Jinghao’s performance.
Others don’t know Lin Jinghao’s confidence, but they can’t hide it from him. Ji Wanli belongs to Wanling Sect, which is ranked fourth in the Star Alliance. He has a deep understanding of Taiyin Sect and Wuhuan Demon Sect. Lin Jinghao pretends to be stupid on the surface, but in his heart But it is very clear that anything Lin Jinghao is interested in must contain huge opportunities.
The goal of the Wuhuan Demon Sect is to challenge the Pure Land, how can it be governed by inaction.
And this is definitely not the style of demon cultivators.
Ji Wanli didn’t need to know the inside story, he just needed to know that whatever Lin Jinghao was interested in was good.
This is how smart people are.
Of course Ji Wanli knew that being too anxious would lead to him being at a disadvantage. The more outstanding a girl is, the less interested she will be in an anxious man. Therefore, the enthusiasm he showed was entirely for treating guests, and the respect he showed was completely that of a well-established man. A wealthy monk should behave as he should!
On the other hand, Wang Meng was hiding in the corner eating and drinking without any appearance.
Ji Wanli despises him in his heart. A nouveau riche is a nouveau riche and will never be on the stage. No matter how it is, this person does not need too much attention. His main opponents are Lin Jinghao and Zou Chuang!
Zou Chuang has no interest in women, but Prince Tiger even loves the thing in the cup.
Ghost P