of the religion. The king of men is not willing to condescend to prostrate himself. But is that so?”

“Ah this”
Lu Bei scratched his head. This was a good reason and he used it immediately: “So that the saints will know that Gu’s admiration for the leader is like the endless river, and like the Yellow River flooding out of control. Being able to kneel in front of the leader and listen to the lecture, Even if you die, you will be satisfied. People say, ‘Hearing the Tao in the morning is enough to die in the evening.’ What they are talking about is loneliness.”
“Yes, it burned for a while.”
Lu Bei said helplessly: “As the sage said, I would rather take my knees from the straight rather than ask for help from the curve. I once swore to kneel to the sky, to kneel to my parents and the people, but even there, I only half-length salute. Even though the leader is a saint, he still has difficulties when he is alone!”
“Are you serious about your words? Except for your parents in heaven and the people of the world, you will never kneel down again?”
“Your Majesty, how can your words be false?” Lu Bei put his hands behind his back and said loudly.
Leader Tongtian waved his hand in front of him, and the water curtain and clouds spread out, revealing the scene of Lu Bei breaking into Nuwa Palace with a sword.
“Mother, there were many people that day, so Xiao Wang will kneel down for you today.”
“Xiao Wang made a big mistake because he went crazy that day. After he returned home, he closed his door to think about his mistakes.”
In the water mirror, Lu Bei had a shy face and his knees were as smooth as silk, as if he was a master of this skill who practiced diligently.
It makes me laugh to death, I’m afraid it’s not like I’ve knelt less before!
You bitch, we agreed to deceive the secrets of heaven, and you are plotting against me!
And Tongtian, your face is really not in vain. You don’t do anything that a person can do.
Tell me, you just abandoned the Sutra, right?
Although Lu Bei was shameless and a little embarrassed when facing a public execution, he hesitated and said some things, but he had offended Nuwa first, so he knelt down to admit his mistake to show his sincerity.
/The effect was average, the five fairies looked disgusted, and even Yunxiao, whose mood was intangible, had a sneer on his lips at this moment.
What do you mean, Empress Nuwa can kneel, but their master, Master Tongtian, cannot kneel?
Have you been wronged?
They were dissatisfied and remained silent, waiting for the leader of Tongtian Cult to speak.
As far as they know, the master’s temper has changed drastically recently, and he has always struck down these hypocrites with a sword.
The saint has the virtue of living well and will not kill everyone, so Tongtian leaves room for his attack. He is only responsible for cutting. After one sword blow, whether the person who was cut can survive depends on God’s will.
For example, Long-eared Dingguang Immortal, one of the Seven Immortals who accompanied him, was always highly