is the most important asset of each country. After you left, our country also investigated everything about your appearance in the United States, and this treasure Ni is the subject of the investigation, you seem to owe her the promise of a natural weapon.”

At this moment, David, John and other people who were familiar with Pei Jiao also came over. They looked at Pei Jiao secretly in fear, especially feeling the subtle pressure on Pei Jiao.
Valosti’s expression changed. This man who had been smiling like an aristocrat, his smile gradually disappeared, and he said not far away: “Miss Li, come here, I have something to ask you.”
Miss Li in the distance had been waiting there for a long time. He stood slightly bent like a butler, walked up to Valosti and said: “Master, Miss, do you want to ask about Jenny?”
Before Valosti spoke, Nanya behind him had already said, “Don’t call me miss! I told you, call me by my name!”
Miss Li suddenly laughed bitterly, but there was no smile on Valosti’s face. He looked at Miss Li seriously and said: “Did Jenny leave any information or clues? When was their family wiped out?” Yes, was there anything unusual in Washington before this? Or was there anything unusual in Jenny?”
Miss Li quickly took out a mobile phone from his arms and said: “This is the voice I recorded. The original has been stored in the basement. If you want to listen to it, you can take it out at any time.” After saying that, he pressed the mobile phone in his hand. , there was a beeping sound from the mobile phone, and a moment later, a female voice was heard calling out the English word “black” urgently, followed by the sound of disconnection.
Pei Jiao and Valosti looked at each other, and Pei Jiao asked first: “So, have any strange people been in and out of Washington before? Also, how did you confirm that ghosts killed Jenny’s family and not free souls? ”
Miss Li smiled bitterly and said: “I don’t know if there are any strange people coming in and out of Washington. I’m just in charge of the people in this fantasy land. As for confirming that ghosts killed Jenny’s family, it’s because scientists invented a This instrument can detect the traces of sin left by ghosts. In the room where Jenny’s family died, the traces of sin were especially strong, so it was confirmed that it was done by ghosts.”
/Valosti shook his head and said: “How could the ghosts only choose Jenny’s family? Jenny had no natural weapons before, and she had no special performance in suppressing the ghosts in Washington. And as Pei Jiao said, she With natural weapons, demon-level ghosts basically can’t do anything to her, and since the impact of real demon-level ghosts is too great, it is probably the work of free souls.” At this point, he glanced at Pei Jiao worriedly, but shook his head. He shook his head and said nothing.
/Pei Jiao chewed the word black carefully, and seemed to think of something in his mind, but when he thought about it carefully, it didn’t make any difference, so he could only keep the idea for the time being, and at the s