ge the fate of two people in a short period of time, because if they exchange , Gehrman Sparrow will be in a state of almost turning into a marionette, with stagnant thoughts and stiff body, and being infected with the “mental plague” is a relatively easy problem for Hvin Rambis to solve.

At this moment, Hvin Rambis saw the Gehrman Sparrow on the roof pointing his left palm at the Gehrman Sparrow holding the black long-barreled revolver, holding it lightly with his five fingers and turning his wrist slightly.
Klein used Qonaskorg’s extraordinary ability to “distort” the extent of his mental illness, making it less severe and slowing down its deterioration!
While he was still awake, he raised the “Death Knell” revolver again and pulled the trigger.
Another “spiritual control bullet” was shot out, hitting the huge, incomplete dragon whose movements were stuck.
At the same time, Qonaskorg used “Magnification”!
Hvinlanbis suffered an attack, but he did not escape the control of “Winner” Enyuni because he fell into a severe and “long” state of paralysis and stiffness.
In the dimly lit world, the huge red moon hangs quietly on the top of the house, and everything in the garden seems to be sleeping.
The despair in the half-complete gray-white dragon’s eyes faded away, and its wings covered with membranes shrank back, becoming as docile as a domesticated hound.
Hvin Rambis, a member of the Psychological Alchemy Society’s jury and a demigod from the “audience” pathway, lost his life and became Klein’s secret puppet!
Klein didn’t bother to admire it, and directly swapped places with the “winner” Enuni next to the gray-white dragon, and appeared there as Gehrman Sparrow wearing a black windbreaker and a silk top hat.
Then, he controlled the new marionette to cure the “mental plague” he was infected with.
The soft and cool wind blew over, crossed the sea of ??collective subconscious, and penetrated into Klein’s island of consciousness, making him feel that there seemed to be some foul-smelling, rotten, divided, and contradictory things being absorbed bit by bit in his mind. It was bundled together and peeled off like a surgical incision.
Klein’s face suddenly twisted, revealing a grinning expression, and he once again felt the extreme pain of his soul being torn apart.
Fortunately, in order to make the “Spirit Controlling Bullet” and “Yesterday Reappearance” charms, he was used to this feeling, so he didn’t cover his head and roll around on the ground.
After the highly contagious mental “virus” was separated from the infected consciousness, the cool wind was infected with a bit of warmth that made people want to take a nap, making Klein’s injured spirit relax, as if Soaking in the bathtub, your body and mind are nourished, and you begin to grow and recover quickly.
When he recovered from his mental illness, the gentle wind blowing suddenly became violent, sweeping around and removing all the “viruses” remaining in the air.
After doing all this, Klein made the gray-white dragon quickly s