, and the monitor is on, but the monitoring picture is It was pitch black, nothing.

, and the monitor is on, but the monitoring picture is It was pitch black, nothing.
/Sun Yao stepped forward to do it, then turned to look at us and said: “The connection cable has been unplugged.”
I asked: “Who is on duty today?”
Sun Yao said: “No one is on duty today.”
Zhang Ziang said: ” Let’s look for it to see if something happened.”
So we searched around the entire floor. The offices were all fine, the doors were locked, and there was nothing unusual, except for the monitoring room. Since no one is on duty, it means the door should appear to be locked. We checked the doors and windows, and there were no signs of being pried, which means they were opened normally. In other words, the person who manipulated the surveillance had the key here.
Unable to call up the surveillance camera, we chose to go back upstairs. Following the previous thinking, if the door was indeed opened and I was safe, it meant that the person who opened the door did not want to harm me, but He wouldn’t just open the door for no reason, so he should have entered the room and even left something behind.
So when we returned to the room, we were looking for any differences between the room and before they left.
The final discovery was that under the pillow I was sleeping on, there was an envelope, like a letter, with nothing written on it. So I tore the envelope open and thought it would be something like a letter inside, but it turned out It proved not to be the case. There was a photo inside. I was shocked when I saw the photo.
This is obviously a candid photo of me standing on the balcony of my home while talking on the phone. In fact, this is a very normal life scene, but the place that makes people feel numb is in the living room, where I can see the standing There was a person standing behind me but I didn’t notice it at all.
I can remember the scene in the photo, it was a morning not long ago, and I can confirm that I was the only one at home at that time, and there could not be anyone else in the house except me.
I could basically see some of this person’s face clearly, and it wasn’t too blurry. I could tell that the person who took the photo used a good lens. I stared at it for a long time, feeling that I had never seen this person before, and why was he here with me? I couldn’t tell at home, I wasn’t aware of it at all during that time.
Sun Yao and Zhang Ziang also looked at it, and both asked me if I knew this person. I naturally shook my head, and they stopped talking. After that, they kept the photo as evidence, and comforted me by saying not to think too much about it, and wait until tomorrow. They scanned the person in the photo into a computer and compared the data to see if they could find some information about the person.
I thought that was all I could do, but some questions still lingered in my mind.
Not to mention anything else, it’s weird enough to know who put the photo under my pillow, and who took the photo, but no matter who it is, they will never leave the confines of our community. Maybe