cks.” Another fat old man said.

The fat old man is the technical expert of the advisory group and the chairman of the Debreton Magic Council. No one knows better than him how much wealth Debreton hides. The series of blows that Debreton just suffered are actually just a drop in the bucket for this maritime overlord. The only trouble is that the next few years may be difficult.
“It would be great if we could convince the people to take this opportunity to put our country into hibernation.” Someone immediately said.
“This is impossible. Our country was founded on commerce, and then commerce drove industry, which gave us its current national strength. But unlike other countries, a large part of our country’s national strength growth relies on a large number of overseas colonies.
“These colonies have brought us cheap resources and a market for dumped goods, but this also means that the smooth flow of sea routes is crucial to us. The Beru people took advantage of our weakness and attacked us. Black hands.” The tall and thin old man sighed.
“Yeah, if we can’t prove that we can ensure maritime security, the trouble will only get bigger and bigger. This time the Beru people can provide weapons and equipment and military experts to the orcs and elves in the Cornucopia. They can also give the same to the Far East. help.
“The resistance movement there has never stopped. Just because we have an absolute advantage in strength, the resistance movement has not succeeded. But if there is a country manipulating behind the scenes, everything will be different. The Corner of Plenty there will still be It’s so far away that if something goes wrong, our troops won’t be able to send them there in time.”
Before this person finished speaking, another person jumped out: “So what if we can send enough troops? Is there any fortress in the Far East that is stronger than the Zhibero Fortress? Zhibero County was defeated. ”
This is the truth, and the truth is depressing.
“Who is more powerful, the Scourge of the Undead or the Fallen Angels?” the king asked worriedly.
“There is no way to compare.” The director of the Magic Association sighed: “Fallen Angels only have one most powerful move, ‘Black Destruction’. The magician who can cast the Undead Natural Disaster must also know other magics.
“But there is not just one fallen angel. As long as you give me time, I can increase the number of fallen angels to about two thousand, and there are probably only one or two magicians who can cast undead natural disasters.”
“I’m afraid not necessarily.” The tall and thin old man shook his head and said: “Our mole lurking inside the Beru Intelligence Agency just reported that the magician who used the undead natural disaster to occupy the Beiro Fortress was just a magician a few years ago. The rookie!”
Upon hearing this, except for the king who already knew about it and sighed loudly, everyone else jumped up in surprise.
“How can this be?”
/“It’s terrible. If we follow this speed, the Beru people will definitely be able to rule the world!”