laughed: “Why don’t you come and ask me directly, I will definitely tell you.”

“It is not our habit to trouble others.” The old man said: “In a city like Mallorca, there are actually no secrets at all, so it is very easy to investigate. We just asked the special envoy in Mallorca to do a little investigation. Just got a bunch of results.”
The old man paused and continued: “We found the person who helped you get your identity certificate, and we learned from him that your identity was temporarily created, and the time to get this identity was just before you came here.
/“It cost you a total of 70,000 Mallorcan gold coins to create this new identity, including your technician level appraisal. Your technician profession is very complicated, including junior dismantler, junior extractor, junior collector and junior tool maker. Master, there are sixteen skill branches in total, and there are not many skill masters like you.”
The old man said: “We have representatives stationed in various countries. We have checked the registration records of all technicians in the past ten years. There are a total of 24,700 people like you. This number seems to be a lot, but with Compared to the huge total number of technicians, they are definitely very few.”
Hel nodded. Of course he knew the reason. Knowing everything could easily become sparse in everything. A technician like that would be an absolute waste.
“Twenty-four thousand seven hundred, this number is actually not small. Checking all the people, this work almost makes everyone vomit blood.” The old man gritted his teeth when he said this.
Staring at Hull closely, the old man said: “Fortunately, this work is just tedious, not very difficult. Most of the people on the list can be contacted, only a few people have no news, and only one of these people , very valuable.
/“We quickly found this person’s detailed information. The initial appearance of this person also seemed a bit incredible. He accidentally rescued Robert, the master technician of the Crystal Light, and became the partner of Robert and another person. The apprentice of a master skill master.
“What surprised us the most was that he had not yet performed a fusion ceremony at that time. Grandmaster Robert spent money to help him complete it. We quickly found his fusion record, and the Crystal Light resident The representative also found the fusion master who was responsible for the fusion ceremony and found out that what this person was fusing was a familiar core.
“The familiar magic core is a rare mid-grade magic core. After fusion, the abilities displayed include: changing appearance, intermediate mental control, and intermediate use of illusions. Some fusions also have the ability to copy the abilities of others.”
The old man smiled: “Being able to change your appearance is a very interesting and useful ability.”
Hale smiled as well, his was a wry smile. The old man’s words actually told him that he had been seen through, and the familiar’s ability could explain why he and the person beside Robert were diff