These loaches were all captured by the Golden Demon King. Everyone who saw this scene felt only fear in their hearts. Even the Immortal King felt a trace of fear rising in his heart, because the golden devil was definitely not a creature he could control.

He couldn’t tell at all that it was the King Insect he had created, and it was still an early King Insect that he looked down upon.
When the golden devil jumped into the sea with golden light shining all over his body, he felt something was wrong. This mutated golden devil is at least ten times stronger than before the mutation, and it becomes even more powerful after the fight.
/At first, the Golden Demon King only relied on brute force and instinct to fight, but soon its movements became very strange. It can use martial arts and is so powerful that any sea loach with blue eyes and thousands of eyes can be targeted by it. , you will be chased and beaten, and you will be beaten with scars in the blink of an eye. That continuous attack is simply a violent art.
/But when the Golden Demon King began to usurp Hel’s other abilities, its aura became more powerful, and all kinds of magic were released at will. The magic released from its hands all possessed super power.
But in an instant, the golden devil’s aura changed from powerful to vague, its attacks were no longer astonishing, and its moves were no longer dazzling, as if it had returned to fighting according to instinct.
But if you look closely, it’s not the same thing at all. Although its movements are direct and dull, every strike is absolutely precise, and the position of the strike is all crucial.
This kind of ordinary attack is far more effective than the magnificent attack just now. It can subdue a sea loach with thousands of blue eyes in about ten times.
Of course the Immortal King understands the mystery. Not only does he understand it, but the two ascetic monks also understand that they have all heard of the state of being transported like light weight and returning to nature, but there are not many opportunities to actually see it.
The Immortal King has also reached the state of returning to his original nature, so he knows better what it means to reach this state, which also causes him endless doubts.
He had always thought that Hel was controlling the Golden Demon King, but based on his understanding of Hel, it was impossible for that guy to reach such a state. Returning to one’s original nature not only requires one’s own strength to reach a certain level, but also one’s understanding of power to reach an extremely high level. This is definitely not something that a half-hearted magician who treats magic as a tool can understand.
Before the Immortal King could figure out what was going on, the Golden Demon King changed again.
Its plain movements became gorgeous again, but this magnificence was not the almost show-off magnificence just now, but as gorgeous as symphony and waltz, flower arrangement and watercolor.
Every attack it makes is like a perfect performance, with few but beautiful moves a