it floats on the sea, the big shell is open, but now the huge round shell is slowly closing.

With a loud “kuangdang” sound, the giant spherical shell closed. Then there was the sound of bubbles rolling around, as if a large pot of water was boiling.
The ship sank quickly into the sea.
As soon as the sea water reached the top of the ship, dozens of bright electric lights were seen in the sky. These electric lights were completely different from the electric lights of the group of besiegers just now. Not only were they brighter, but there were also many electric lights surrounding them. Tiny awn balls.
These are the real forces of this world. They are also warriors. There is no way they can compare with the bodyguards of the business group.
“Don’t worry about them.” Hel stopped the magician and the two ascetics from trying to activate the protective shield. This protective shield was deployed urgently by the three people while others were busy boarding the ship, and its power was limited.
“Water can conduct electricity, and these people have no way to fight in the water.” Martin has already seen the reason.
“It’s also a tragedy for people in this world, who live in a world full of water,” Hull said. “It just so happens that their power comes from the creatures in the Nine Nether Abyss and the God Realm. There is no water in those two places.”
“Now can you tell us everything you know?” Major Martin said.
“We have to wait until we successfully escape.” Hull said nonchalantly: “We have plenty of time to get familiar with this world. Even under the best circumstances, we may have to stay here for several years.”
Although he was talking, his movements were not slow at all. While steering the ship to sink, he used his mind to detonate an ink bead buried in the sea.
In an instant, the ship was surrounded by pitch black ink.
/Letting the boat dive to the extreme depth, Hull re-determined the direction, which was exactly the opposite of the ink beads he had buried along the way.
Hull is betting that people in this world will be fooled. This is just a very simple way to make a fool of himself.
/Ten seconds later, their ship rushed out of the ink-polluted sea.
Hel was not attacked, which made Hel feel a little relieved. The plan was at least half successful. Now it depends on when the people in this world will wake up. The longer it takes to see through this plan, the safer they will be. Until this time The ship sailed twenty nautical miles away, and it was impossible to catch up with the ship.
“The situation is not as dire as you think.”
The one who said this was the magician Badmon.
After Hull talked about the situation in this world, everyone was thinking deeply, except for him who seemed quite indifferent.
Hull knew why this person could not care, because the magician Badmon was basically the clone of the Immortal King.
Others don’t know about this, and they don’t know where the magician Badmon got such confidence.
“Can you tell me the reason? Everything we have encountered so far is enough to prove that th