o wants to be paid no matter what you ask, who is suspicious afterwards, and even reports to the sheriff, then he may be waiting to go to jail.

After walking around the commercial street for a few times, Martin found his target.
/That was a hotel boy. Hotels in this world are also restaurants and bars. This boy is also a busboy, but he seems to have a desire to perform. As long as you talk to him, this guy can always talk endlessly. Jedi talked for a long time. If you reward him again, he will be more enthusiastic.
After ordering a glass of wine and throwing in two silver coins, Martin began to listen to the boy’s chat.
Of course, you can’t go straight to the topic at the beginning, which will definitely be bad, but even this kind of aimless chatting is not useless to Martin.
Although they already have some understanding of the world through Badmon, this understanding is still limited to the social structure and “big things” such as the composition of forces, and to all kinds of people in this world, their lives, and their minds. I have almost no idea what I’m thinking about.
Now is an opportunity to fill the gap in this area.
This boy knew everything about it. He started with the recent war. At first he just talked about some rumors and conjectures. Later, he gradually talked about the situation on the front line, as well as which generals were promoted for their bravery in battle, and who was accused of dereliction of duty. And was beheaded.
As he talked, he talked about the shortage of supplies and soaring prices caused by the war, and then started to talk about the methods used by someone and a certain guild to make a war fortune, and the miserable situation of someone who died.
For the whole day, Major Martin listened silently to the boy’s endless talk. He was undoubtedly a good listener and neither interrupted the topic nor asked questions.
/He stayed in this hotel for more than ten hours. Although he didn’t get any news about Miss An Qi, the major still seemed quite calm.
As a soldier, you must go back to the barracks to spend the night. No matter which world you are in, the rules are the same.
When he returned to the barracks, Martin did not sleep. He did not intend to waste time and asked the priests in the barracks to help him forcefully connect to the Yuanli network. Martin began his meditation.
This is a shortcut to improve his strength. The Yuan Power that is continuously passed on is like the best tonic, which greatly supplements him.
It only takes half a year for him to be as strong as other soldiers. Except for the two ascetic monks and Ya Qian, who cannot see through the strength, the rest of the search and rescue team together will not be his opponent.
All soldiers in this world have such strength, but if you want to go further, it depends on each person’s training and talent.
A few days ago, he had accidentally witnessed the strength of the world’s strongest men. The power was so incredible that the mere pressure almost made him, who was watching the battle from a distance, almost fal