a thing may not be of much use to Wei Xiaobei, but for people like Huang Kun, it is definitely a life-saving treasure.

The only problem is that carving this thing is a bit time-consuming. If Wei Xiaobei doesn’t devote himself to carving, then the carved things will basically have no effect.
Wei Xiaobei called these carved ornaments magical weapons.
In fact, the main reason why it can achieve such a magical effect is the effect of runes.
But if it is not injected with real mercury and finally carved, at most it will be a weapon with additional attack speed, rather than a treasure that can provide people with speed.
The difference between the two determines their different values.
Of course, this type of magic weapon can not only increase speed, but also has many other abilities.
But having said that, Wei Xiaobei didn’t want Huang Kun to really use this thing one day.
After Huang Kun took over, he got familiar with it for a few days and then began to enter the formal task process.
/Wei Xiaobei left the port on the return freighter.
Seeing the freighter Wei Xiaobei boarded leave, the CIA members responsible for tracking could not help but heave a sigh of relief.
During the period of time when they were responsible for tracking Wei Xiaobei, these CIA members felt that they had been unlucky for eight generations.
Not to mention that Wei Xiaobei likes to wander around wherever he goes, which is enough to make the guy following him as tired as a dead dog.
First of all, wherever Wei Xiaobei goes, he basically goes on a mission to destroy those terrifying gray monsters.
Well, let’s not talk about whether they can keep up later. People from the CIA also know how powerful those gray monsters are.
But if you’re scared, you won’t be able to keep track.
Therefore, frequent dangers have become a common occurrence for these CIA members.
The most terrible time was when these CIA members followed and accidentally fell into the local militia. If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t arrived in time, these CIA members would have been beaten to pieces by bullets.
/From this, these CIA members knew that they had long known that they were following them, but they just didn’t want to pay attention to them.
But having said that, these CIA members didn’t dare to report the matter, so they just let it go.
If it is reported, not to mention whether the superiors will scold me for being stupid, if something goes wrong, it will be you who will suffer in the end.
Now that they see Wei Xiaobei leaving, these CIA members feel relieved and feel at ease.
However, they didn’t know that not long after the cargo ship left the port, before it had even traveled ten nautical miles, Wei Xiaobei quietly got off the ship, found an uninhabited cliff by the sea, and landed ashore.
As for the nuclear bomb base in the United States, if you search carefully, there are still signs to be found.
Very remote places, places with a large number of underground buildings, etc.
This desert is the largest desert in the United States, covering an area of ??more than 100,00