orarily changed his schedule to come to Liangzhuang, and Xiaolei also came here in a daze. All of this is too easy to associate.

orarily changed his schedule to come to Liangzhuang, and Xiaolei also came here in a daze. All of this is too easy to associate.
Why are you unwilling to engage in economic construction like Hou Chang? One is that you like the police profession, and the other is that you don’t like or even resent the possible intrigues.
Unexpectedly, as long as you “eat the royal food”, you can’t avoid some things.
/Han Bo pondered for a moment and suddenly put down his phone: “Brother Qian, please don’t ask Sister Xiaomei to come over. Xiaolei and I will leave after lunch.” ”
Okay, I’ll call her.”
Qian Peng patted his arm. He comforted: “Bureau Han, Mr. Ding, don’t think too much about their affairs. They are them, and you are you. As friends and former subordinates, you have not sorry for them.” It doesn’t matter if
/Lao Lu is not in Liangzhuang, he must call Liangzhuang. Let him eat together, and let him sit at the head table and order the food first.
He had too many friends who either didn’t come, and when they arrived, several large tables, plus old colleagues from the office, occupied all the private rooms in Fusao Restaurant.
In fact, his friends are also friends of Han Bo, including Chairman Ma, Minister Niu and other Laoliangzhuang Township cadres, two old principals of Liangzhongliang Primary School, Xiaodan’s uncle Laoliangzhuang Village Shanxi branch secretary, and even his colleagues from Dongshan a few years ago. All the old brick and tile factory directors who had been rescued came.
Niu Qingshan, the former Liangzhuang Township Armed Forces Minister, should now be called “Mr. Niu”!
Real cow, not fake cow.
When the village was evacuated and merged into the town, he retreated to the second line. With the construction station qualification, he went to Western Xinjiang alone to find old comrades and leading cadres who had left Liangzhuang. After staying there for more than four months, he actually received a big project. After that, he got bigger and bigger, and now he has three construction teams, and he has already become a millionaire.
Lao Lu made the final decision, Boss Niu treated him to a treat, Liu Xu said polite words, but in his heart he was happy to let the rich pay the bill.
It’s not that easy to leave after eating.
It was a rare occasion for the members of the Laoliangzhuang Township Party Committee who had “shared joys and sorrows” to get together. Lao Lu, the “old squad leader”, was in such high spirits that it was not appropriate to go to the small conference room on the third floor of the town government, so he just dragged everyone to him as the honorary chairman. “Liangzhuang people’s own bank.”
It has four floors, and the business hall on the first floor is facing the tax branch.
There are eight windows, two “public” and six “private”. They are not like credit unions and agricultural business offices, which have welded steel bars to make them look like cages. They use bulletproof glass like big banks in big cities. There are one-meter noodles, an interest rate table with an